Our Story

It started with a top…… thats all 1 top, and it mushroomed from there.

I had a crazy idea of starting my own internet store back in 2005, basically buying wholesale and selling other peoples labels. One problem i thought all the clothes sucked and they were hideously over priced….thats 2 problems!!

Anyways one day i travelled from Bristol up to London to see some maternity collections from a smaller retailer and was so cheesed off and dissapointed with the rubbish i saw. The owner patronised me on how customers will pay £65 for a maternity top even though it was made out of viscose (cheaper to produce than 100% cotton) and how maternity fashions are always at least a year behind current catwalk shows….what the …


It made me abit angry, it was like in dirty dancing where the holiday camp owner talks down to Johnny and belittles him (not that i’m running a holiday camp, or i’m johnny!!) , kinda you don’t know anything, just shut up and buy. Needless to say i didn’t place an order.

So i thought no way do i want to sell maternity clothes and breastfeeding tops i am not confident in, or that i don’t like, so i took a GAINT step and thought i’d make my own, well not literally because believe you me if it was me sewing the tees they wouldn’t last long ha ha ha. So it has taken roughly 3 years to go from idea to

There’s been loads of ups and downs, mets lots of lovely people along the way and i can honestly say i am super glad i’ve done it. I’ve learnt so many things, and my main philosophy has been don’t compromise. We don’t make our tees from the cheaper fabrics ie viscose, polyester, and we don’t compromise on the weight of the cotton used; ours are all thick good quality, lasting cotton tees. We want to get involved with our customers and build a really good relation with them. We are here to help not to fleece you and run!!

Anyways sorry for the babble, thats just a little about us 🙂  liz & Matt Jeans…Owners Mama Feelsgood


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