Maternity belly band

Maternity Belly bands

Got a “normal” top that you really want to wear but your bump has made it impossible? Well Mama Feelsgood maternity & nursing bands might just come to your rescue. Basically they are 90% cotton 10% spandex so they are really stretchy, they go up over your bump,and in the earlier weeks of pregnancy can be used to disguise unfastened trouser button etc. Then when you really start to bloom they can cover the short fall between your top and your trousers. Just adds a little more choice to your maternity wardrobe without having to spend a fortune.

Don’t throw them away once you’ve had your baby because they are super usefull for breastfeeding too. Don’t wanna show your post pregnancy belly when you breastfeed? Well just pop on a tummy band and it helps keeps your dignity! We currently carry them in white or black and go from sizes 8 – 20. We do aim to provide larger sizes in the future. and more variation of colours.


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