Breastfeeding Tops

Kat Breastfeeding T-shirt Is Being Re-printed

Good news our Kat breastfeeding top is being re-printed so more stock should be in store soon. Thanks to everyone who has bought one or shown interest in our nursing tops, seems Kat is pretty popular and we sold out faster than we thought, so we are on the case.

Also available soon will be Kat maternity tops, both longsleeve and short sleeve. So with all the cold weather we are having here in the UK it will be just the kinda maternity wear you want ūüôā


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Breastfeeding Tops

Hey check Out Our Princess Maternity T-Shirt On Sale

Here is our offering¬† for today for our Maternity T-shirt sale. Woof Woof you’re looking hot mummy!! Presenting our Princess Maternity Tee¬†, this maternity top is so off the wall you’re have all your friends getting pregnant just so they can wear one too!! ha ha .

Only on sale for a very limted time, seriously check it out today before they are gone…….


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Halloween Maternity T-shirt

In your dreams, or should i say nightmares…..

Here in the UK we aren’t really big on T-shirts designed solely for halloween, i mean you can only really wear them on 1 day of the year then they are out of date. I have alot of friends in the USA and there it’s a completely different kettle of fish. I love halloween, as a youngster me and my sister would make halloween costumes from our mums make up (sorry mum not saying you look like a ghost of anything!) and old cothes and go out a scare the poop out of our unsuspecting neighbours. Looking back i don’t actually think anyone was scared, when you’re 6 things have different perspective!!

Anyway this year there won’t be a maternity or breastfeeding T-shirt, het who knows if we have enough requests there might be some next year!!!


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Have you ever heard of Squiddo? It;s a crazy site where you can write about anything, anything that interests you. So we thought we would start our own Mama Feelsgood page, check us out here,

Come and say hi, write on our blurb and read the crazy things we say!! It’s another place that we can express how much we dig our Maternity T-shirts and nursing tops !


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Breastfeeding Tops

Giddy Up Horsey, Our Maternity Top Sale Continues

So here it is, todays Maternity Top Sale. It’s a fetching little girly number, it’s so sweet it can give you cavities (no not really that was a joke……oh yeah). So come on girly girls check out our little maternity tribute to black beauty….we introduce our Horse maternity T-shirt.


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Breastfeeding in the news

Be Safe Know The Signs Of pre-eclampsia In Pregnancy

Hey ladies, don’t mean to worry you guys but have you ever heard of a condition found in pregnancy called Pre-eclampsia? Around 1000 ladies per year are affceted by it and sadly around 10 babies a year die due to it.

Now before you totally freak out things can be done to help, and if you are found to have pre-eclampsia things can and will be done to help you, it’s just super important you are aware of the symptoms.

In early pregancy there really aren’t too many symptoms, it’s when you get into the later stages of pregnancy the symptoms can become more obvious. Here are some of the later symptoms:


Blurred Vison or nausea

shortness of breath


Now alot of ladies get these symptoms without having pre-eclampsia, i was confused the whole time i was pregnant!! But if there is anything you are ever worried about during your pregnancy please don’t be scared of contacting your midwife or Doctor, it really could be so important.

Check out the BBC health page here¬†it’s fantastic and really imformative.


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Breastfeeding in the news

Charlotte Church Promotes Breastfeeding DVD

Wow Charlotte Church is helping the Welsh Assembly Government promote their new DVD about the benefits of breastfeeding. They aim to distribute a DVD to all new mothers in Wales to help spread the message of how good breastfeeding you baby can be for both baby and mother. To quote “Charlotte Church is a fantastic example of a young mother deciding that breast really is best and we hope that she will serve as a role model to her many thousands of female fans”

We love Charlotte Church, she’s super talented but yet still so down to earth, Charlotte Mama Feelsgood¬†store is always open to you!¬†¬†Charlotte would lok fabulous in our Princess breastfeeding top¬†or maybe our “homegrown Melons” breastfeeding tops might be better!


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