Breastfeeding Tops

Dr Suess T-shirts & Hoodies for Babies & Kids….Cool

These are sooooo cute.

I use to read Dr Seuss books when i was little, loved “he Cat In The Hat” and know every year i have to watch The Grinch on tv; so when i stumbled upon these childrens tees i thought they were super cute.

You can get romper suits, bibs hoodies and loads more, the only site i could find though was in the USA but het postage isnt that much and it makes them a little more special to get them from such a distance.

The hoodies are really cute, i found them on this website and on this website too  , i’m thinking of making a purchase myself 🙂

Maybe as well as maternity tops and breastfeeding T-shirts i could do kids ????


Mama Feelsgood– Funky breastfeeding tees

Breastfeeding in the news

Wo This Is Why It’s Safer TO Buy On-Line

Check out this news story about Walmart in New York where a worker there was killed when they had their “black Friday ” sale. It’s been thanksgiving in America and the stores always have a big sale after it and call it “Black Friday”. It was reported that a pregnant lady was injured in the currfuffal (spelling, you know what i’m trying to say ha ha), hey lady don’t you know it;s much safer to buy on-line!!!


Mama Feelsgood– Buy maternity & Breastfeeding tee’s on-line it’s cheaper

Breastfeeding Tops

8 Ball Breastfeeding shirt

WE know we are running low on our 8 ball nursing shirt, but we promise more have just gone to print and will be in store ready for christmas. You guys are so sweet, had alot of interest from husbands and boyfriends asking of we have certian breastfeeding clothes for their partners , as they will make fab christmas presents.

I love the eightball tee too (as mentioned before am getting one for myself because they rock), in the new year probably will be extending this print to different colour shirts too, so watch this space.


Mama Feelsgood– Breastfeeding tees which Rock

Breastfeeding Tops

Don’t lift heavy boxes it’s bad for your health

I can’t get over how bad my neck and back are, and thats from lifiting the boxes of maternity and breastfeeding tees i had delivered last week. OK i so i know there were ALOT of them but i honestly didn’t do the major part of the lifting, if anyone should have a bad back it’s matthew.

Maybe it;s my computer chair thats making my back out of allignment or something. After all i literally live in the thing, i’m always on my PC nowadays. Perhaps i should invest in an upgrade and go for a chair that wasn’t a reject from a skip ha ha you think i’m joking, but whats rubbish to some people is another mans gold (or womens!!).

The new nursing tees are fantastic it must be said. I am having one screened up with the eightball design for myself, there is one perk to this job, i get to wear the first screend breastfeeding tee…and before anyone asks no i am not pregnant or breastfeeding the shirt just totally rocks and you can’t even tell it’s a nursing one so it’s awesome. Like i always say our tees are and investment, you don;t have to stop wearing them just because you don;t breastfeed anymore.


Whats your thoughts about baby slings?

They seem a pretty popular choice, and alot of mothers who deceide to breastfeed for a longer period really rave about them because they can feed when on the move (i never managed that,,although to be honest i didnt breastfeed for long).

They are alot of manufacturers of them and i wondered which was the best, not that i am thinking of expanding my product range yet (you never know) but would be interested in knowing your feedback.

Breastfeeding Tops

Jack Frost Has Lost His Mind

HOW cold it it lately, blimey could freeze the nuts off a squirell. I don;t know about you guys up north but here in Bristol it is amazingly cold and it just kinda happened all of a sudden. I’m having a new scarf from my mother in law for christmas (thanks Pat 🙂 ) and i think i might need it abit sooner. Apparetnly there’s snow in Prague, Pat (my mother in law) is there at the moment and says it look fabulous but hicarumba it’s cold.

Anyways just a little nudge that if you do feel the cold and you are pregnant then aybe you should try out our Lips maternity long seeve T-shirt , it is super fun and retro 60’s looking but it will keep you warm during this cold spell as it’s made of really good quality cotton.


Mama Feelsgood– maternity tees never kept you so warm !