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Mama Feelsgood Breastfeeding T-shirt & maternity Tee sale Starts Boxing Day

Get ready we are celebrating our 1st Christmas on-line by having a big Christmas sale. It starts boxing day and will included both maternity tees and breastfeeding shirts.

So stock is limited so i would recommend getting in while you can. Nothing will be missed

so keep your eyes out for a bargain.

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Erica’s Crazy christmas Pregnancy Dance

I am a sucker for You Tube and i found this funny video. I can’t even dance like this and i’m not pregnant!!

Lets hope she felt ok after her dance some of the moves she was busting looked pretty uncomfortable. From the back you couldnt tell she was pregnant at all… jealous ha ha.

Any hows take a look:

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Last posting days before Christmas – get you maternity tees before christmas

Just a little notice- Last day for 1st class post is on the 20th of December (thats for the UK) so anyhting ordered that day (think its a saturday) will be posted out 1st class recorded, any maternity tees or breastfeeding tops after this date will be posted out but won’t get to you in time for christmas…so order now while you can!

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Breastfeeding Tops

Perfect Maternity Tops for Holidays

Ok so it’s nearly christmas here and the weather is totally freezing here in the UK but remember we delivery worldwide, so people in hotter places of the world we ar ehere for you!!.Alot of people can’t stand the cold weather here and a few of my friends have jetted off for warmer climates, and gotta say our Mama 8 Ball maternity tee would be a fantastic addition to any holiday wardrobe.

The thing with being pregnant is you can span alot of different seasons, and realistically you want to get as much wear as possible out of your maternity clothes. We do sell alot of long sleeve maternity tee,s but dont forget if our baseball short sleeve takes you fancy you can always layer it up with a “normal” tee, especially if you are in your earlier stages of pregnancy. All our maternity t-shirts are longer length so will keep your bump warm and hide any bump that might poke out!!

Don’t worry before you know it we will be in summer ahemmm

Mama Feelsgood – maternity tees this good are hard to find .

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding Tees for 2009

Wow 2009 is nearly here, time goes really fast.

So to welcome the new year in we are planning to add a few new lines to our breastfeeding tee collection.  We now have our designs available in a cutie pink colour tee, available in both long and short sleeve nursing styles.

We also have some really fab new graphic prints to add to our range, they really rock so it’s quite exciting. We also have to start about getting our act together  for the little monster show we are doing in March, I know March seems like along way away but it’s not really, and i am terrible at organising things sometimes, i am more of a fly by the seat of your pants person; but i want some nice banners etc so these will need designing and making etc which mean alot of time!!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Mama Feelsgood– funky maternity & breastfeeding tees

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If Indie clothing is your thing be sure to check out

I totally love these guys at I Am The , as they say themselves “Think the yellow pages of awesomeness” . If the indie scene really rocks your world and you prefer a more individual , original slant on fashion then this website is a must (and i’m not just saying that because Mama Feelsgood is listed on there!).  It basically lists loads of really cool websites that cater to your kinda thing, from mens tees to maternity wear there is an ever growing list of some of The coolest on0line stores around.

It’s a really fluid site which is kept up to date (they list new products EVERY Tuesday) and people get the chance to rate their favourite stores to help give some feedback. I can honestly say some of the new up coming brands are listed on there, and you will be in heaven especially if Tees are your thing. Just to give you a hint at some of my favourite stores on there : Linty Fresh is totally cool, Mediocore Clothing is a good one too, man there are loads of fab companies on there.

Anyways seriousl check it out, and thanks Adam for your generiousity, you are a cool guy.


Mama Feelsgood– THE coolest maternity & breastfeeding tees

Breastfeeding Tops

Maternity Christmas Party Clothes- Don’t break the bank

Lets face it if you buy an evening wear maternity top / dress when are you going to wear it?  If you are planning to have a big family then maybe invest in 1 but me personally i find them abit of a rip just for maybe 1 wear. Ok so you wanna look good at the christmas party but if you spend £40 – 50 on a top or dress how likely are you going to wear it again ? When you’ve had your baby you won’t really want to go back to wearing your maternity clothes, so in reality you will only wear it a few times which is a shame.

Now there is a solution, buy a maternity belly band . They are very reasonably priced and can cover your bump so you could wear a “normal” evening top and have no bump on show.

Now these bands are just for covering your bump, they don’t provide any back support (although they do make you feel more secure i think) so if you are buying one and expecting them to  help your bad back then don’t because they won’t !! But they will extend the life of your pre pregnancy wardrobe. So don’t pay a fortune for clothes that you will only wear like once!

That is the beauty about our maternity & breastfeeding tees, you can get alot of wear out of them and they don’t cost the earth in the first place. I wear our nursing t-shirt and i haven’t breastfeed for over 3 years!! It looks completely “normal” and the designs are well funky and don’t refer to maternity or breastfeeding in any way so you won’t look an idiot wearing them years later!!

Mama Feelsgood– A t-shirt is for wearing