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Vogue – Mama Feelsgood features in the April edition 2009

We are super super pleased to announce that Mama Feelsgood maternity & Breastfeeding Tees will be featuring in the April spring edition of UK Vogue 2009.

We were approached by Vogue earlier this week and invited to feature in their Vogue Bambini section which will be promoting THE maternity brands for the spring / summer 2009. Wow what a massive compliment, i am totally in awe of Vogue, i mean such an iconic magazine and am so excited that Mama Feelsgood has been given the opportunity to feature in it.

The April edition will be out early March so we will give you the heads up when it’s in the stores, cool 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Something REALLY good happened today

I Don’t mean to be secreative about things but something REALLY good happened today in the world of Mama Feelsgood. It’s not confirmed as yet but when it is i will let you know….

It’s so cool that sometimes things do swing your way, and that after all the hard work and years of late nights and basically taking risks and the worry that that can bring it is worth it. Sometimes when you think things go unnoticed you never really know what is happening behind the scenes and where fate can take you.

I don’t want to get too deep and emotional but i totally love Mama Feelsgood, and i love manufacturing and designing our own brand of maternity & breastfeeding shirts. I love the great response we get and i love the constructive comments from all our customers, and i totally live and breath this company. Some really great people have helped me over the time i have been getting the website and brand up and going: Martin thanks for everything, Godmachine for giving me a total reality check and producing some of the coolest work ever, Laura Michelle Power for being the best photographer ever, Lynn, Jess & Sheri for strking the funkiest poses ever, and Matthew for being the best husband and supporter ever, (not forgetting the rest of my family for really being behind me).


OK i promise i won’t get emotional again for a while, well at least until tomorrow because it’s my daughters birthday 🙂


Mama Feelsgood – The place for maternity & breastfeeding Tees

Breastfeeding Tops

8 Ball Maternity & Nursing Tees more coming soon

Just getting things organised to send more shirts to the printers, i think the courier is going to have a fit when he sees all the boxes that have to go…

So in about 10 days there will be more 8 Ball shirts in all sizes and in maternity and breastfeeding designs too. Sorry to all the people who have emailed about sizes and style etc, to be honest our sale was way better than we expected and we had to get more shirts printed up.

We are also introduving some new graphic designs tee’s which is exciting AND we will be selling plain breastfeeding shirts too. So if your size is not in stock at the moment check back in say 10 days time and it should be here 🙂

Mama Feelsgood – funky maternity & breastfeeding fashion


Our Nursing Tops Are Great for soaking up spills too !!

Had to smile today, had a really cool email from one of my customers (Lily) who let me know how handy our breastfeeding tee’s are for soaking up little spills which can (and usually alot) during breastfeeding.

Because our breastfeeding tops are 100% cotton they are great for absorbing the milk and don’t spread and leave gigantic wet rings !. Thats the benefit of cotton nursing tops, if it were viscose or polyester the drip would have become the size of your fist ha ha brings back memories of going out without wearing breast pads one day and it looked like i had been swimming !!

Thanks Lily for that insight, good to know our nursing tees have many purposes 🙂

Mama – Nursing Tees which are funky


Sisters are the best

My sister Sue came around today to have a practice with her new camera she got for christmas, she did A level photography way back when and hasn’t used a camera for a while so i said she could do some T-shirt pics to get going.

We had a really cool time, lots of photos taken (i will up date some more on here during the week) it turned out my daughter is a natural in front of the camera and loved modeling, shame the same couldn’t b said for me……..

I can’t help it i just don,t like my photo being taken, the more i tried not to look posey the worse it got. So when we looked back over the photos at the end of the day it was a real laugh (honestly some are soo bad i can’t post on here, i am so pale in some it looks like i’ve never seen daylight and others well lets just say not good……….).

This was one fo the funny ones, Sue snapped it just as i was putting on a mama’s melons maternity tee and i look like i got a turtles head  (not the out the butt type ha ha). Thanks sue ha ha

So if you wanna see who is responsible for Mama Feelsgood – Hi 🙂

Mama Feelsgood – maternity which rocks

Breastfeeding Tops

More Size’s More Styles In Maternity & Nursing coming soon

We have had a really good start to the year and we are super pleased, but this does mean we are running low on styles and size’s especially in our breastfeeding Tee’s. Guys we are sorry but we promise we are working on this. Our shirts are at the printers as from monday so there is about a 10 day delay on getting the shirts in stock but we promise it will be worth the wait.


We are bringing in our new style nursing Tee’s so the under layer on them now has 5% spandex for added comfort and they are available in more colours too , we also will be offering plain breastfeeding shirts too 🙂

Mama Feelsgood – Funky breastfeeding tees

Breastfeeding Tops

What Is a Breastfeeding Top ?

OK i received an email asking what exactly is a breastfeeding top?

Basically it is a top which allows you to feed your child without getting your tummy exposed or showing what nature blessed you with in the boobie department!

There are lots of different openings you can have in a nursing top in order to do this, and personally i think some designs are better than others. There use to be tops with zips and poppers (not too sure if they are still around? ) but the thought of zips near A – my baby’s face and B – my boobies no thanks.

We have designed our nursing shirts so they have a double layer. So the top shirt looks just like a regular tee, infact it is a regualr tee but underneath is a vest style shirt which has 2 openings either side of the arm hole.

SO How do you use the nursing top?

When you wanna feed your child you pull up the top tee to get to the undervest, your tummy will be covered by the under vest so no flesh on show there! Just deceided which side you want to feed from then undo your nursing bra / regular bra and pull the undervest to 1 side and away you go.

The nursing tops gives you alot more coverage and privacy, and lets face it after you had a baby your tummy isn’t what it use to be so it’s nice not having to get it out whilst you breastfeed!

The best thing about our breastfeeding tees is that you can wear them after you stop breastfeeding. They don’t look like “nursing tops” , no one would guess they are one.

One of our customers didn’t wanna wear the undervest after she stopped nursing but loved the Tee so she cut the under vest out and now just wears the top shirt, hey if it works for you then it’s cool..


Mama Feelsgood – Funky maternity & Breastfeeding Tees

Mama Feelsgood website

Mama Feelsgood Nursing T-shirts on You Tube

Mama Feelsgood You Tube


Ok this is our first attempt of uploading anything to You Tube and it pretty much sucks !! But check it out if you want to perhap have trouble sleeping or something ha ha the slide show is so slow and there’s no music but hey we’re learning slowly….our next one will be better!


mama Feelsgood – funky nursing & maternity tees

Friends Of Ours

Funky Pictures from 2008

Was going through some photos that were taken for our launch and the first photoshoot we did in the summer of 2008 (not that it was much of a summer ! ) there were some funny ones in there. Thought i would list a few just so you could get some more pictures of the tee’s.

Island Breastfeeding Tee

Island Breastfeeding Tee


Jess my friend (the model) had got really attchted to her purple retro sunglasses so thought they set the shirt off a treat !

Island black L/s Nursing Shirt

Island black L/s Nursing Shirt


Sheri has lovely hair 🙂 Honestly Sheri takes such a good picture, you wouldn’t believe she is 28, people still ask for ID when she gets to go out!

 Horses maternity Tee

Horses maternity Tee


I think Jess was trying to BE a horse in this one ha ha…..she’s gonna kill me.


We are bringin out new styles soon so stay tuned


Mama Feelsgood – Funky maternity & nursing Tees