Sisters are the best

My sister Sue came around today to have a practice with her new camera she got for christmas, she did A level photography way back when and hasn’t used a camera for a while so i said she could do some T-shirt pics to get going.

We had a really cool time, lots of photos taken (i will up date some more on here during the week) it turned out my daughter is a natural in front of the camera and loved modeling, shame the same couldn’t b said for me……..

I can’t help it i just don,t like my photo being taken, the more i tried not to look posey the worse it got. So when we looked back over the photos at the end of the day it was a real laugh (honestly some are soo bad i can’t post on here, i am so pale in some it looks like i’ve never seen daylight and others well lets just say not good……….).

This was one fo the funny ones, Sue snapped it just as i was putting on a mama’s melons maternity tee and i look like i got a turtles head  (not the out the butt type ha ha). Thanks sue ha ha

So if you wanna see who is responsible for Mama Feelsgood – Hi 🙂

Mama Feelsgood – maternity which rocks


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