Breastfeeding Tops

Ever heard of Wotto…well you should

Wotto what they heck is that well it’s not a what but who! Wotto is a fantastic guy (AKA Craig Watkins) who designs / sells his own paintings, T-shirts and is growing in notority fast for his brilliant freelance graphic work.

Check out his site and grab yourself a little slice of Wotto before his work is sold out, here  is Wottos on-line store and check out his fantastic original limited edition paintings here . Honestly this guy has been blessed big time in the talent department and he is a firm favourite of ours here at Mama Feelsgood.

Breastfeeding Tops

Remember our breasfeeding tops have changed style

We are super excited to have brought in our new style of nursing tops late last week but please be aware they are a different fit from our previous nursing shirts. Each breastfeeding tee now has a 95% cotton 5% spandex under shirt and a 100% cotton lop layer so they have a little more stretch .

They are a totally different fit from previous nursing t-shirts so please be aware when you are ordering. They are a more fitted style and are longer in body length so if you prefer a less fitted fit please go 1 size up from your normal size.

Mama Feelsgood – funky maternity & breastfeeding t-shirts

Breastfeeding Tops

Not Long Until Our Maternity T-shirts Are In Vogue magazine

March 5th 2009 and Mama Feelsgood Maternity Tees are going to appear in UK Vogue magazine and we are totally stoked. Yes it is a small appearance but hey baby it’s Vogue and our maternity tops are going to be in there!

I watched Sex And The City the movie last night and in it Carrie Bradshaw appeared in Vogue magazine and it brought it home to me how amazing it really is to be approached by the to appear in the feature they are running.

I could tell you which maternity tops the guys at Vogue have picked out to appear (i created a short list for them to choose from) but that would ruin the surprise, so we are gonna make you guys wait ha ha.

Who knows our breastfeeding tops might make it in there soon. We’ve had loads of really fabulous feedback about our maternity & nursing tees which is amazing , and i recently had the most amazing letter which has gone up on the wall of my office, next to it soon will be the Vogue maternity article!!

Breastfeeding Tops

Long Sleeve Breastfeeding Tops are Now In Stock

Whoop whoop our collection of long sleeve breastfeeding tops are now re-stocked and all new designs for February are in. There are short sleeve and even plain ones to come this week so keep your eyes peeled for all new designs.

This is our Ray gun long sleeve nursing tee and it totally rocks. It is very much in the comic book style of the 1950’s



















On the pink fabric of the nursing shirt it looks lush!!! We wanted a design which shows a curvy, confident women who is in control, something alot of our customers are! Check this design out in light grey breastfeeding top too which will be out soon. We also have it in maternity tee;s.

Wow it’s been a busy week but hope you love our nursing tees.

Breastfeeding Tops

Preview Of New Breastfeeding Tees Coming This week


Here’s Our New Owl breastfeeding Tee in a new colour tee Dark Grey, so not only is it a new funky graphic print but new colour added to our inventory and a new style shirt (undeer layer has 95% cotton 5% Spandex).

We are well excited, we had the photoshoot today (mega big thanks to Laura & Jess) and it was really cool. There are always alot more shirts than i think and Laura took literally hundreds of shots, just going through them now and some are REALLY cool, some are mega funny and some that are just not suitable for public view ha ha yes Jess the nose one!

Hopefully they will be on the website as of monday, so ladies not too long to wait until you can paws on them 🙂 I will say March is a busy month for Mama Feelsgood, our tees are appearing in Vogue magazine and we are going to the Little Monster Show in Bristol so there is a possibility of running low on certain tees, so get in now while you can 🙂

Happy Valentines Day ladies, hope you have a good a day as i am …..

Mama Feelsgood– Fresh, fashion forward maternity & breastfeeding tees

Breastfeeding Tops

Little Monster Show March 8th Bristol

Come check out our stand at the Little Monster Show  it is being held on the 8th March 2009 at Ahton Gate footbal stadium and it all kicks of about 10-30 – .

This is the first ever show we have done so it will be a steep learning curve! We’re putting together some ideas for a booth but to be honest there is so much going on there is’nt alot of time to think about it. Our new maternity & breastfeeding shirts should be back from the printers today and it’s always exciting when you get new designs that you haven’t had printed before back. It’s like opening a present, keen to see if you like it or not.

We are having the photoshoot saturday so by Monday we will have the new design shirts up on the website, remember they are new designs of nursing shirts, so all the older 2008 style shirts will be taken off and sold on our Ebay account so alot of designs will be going. They are fabulous shirts but we are just evolving our designs, so wo knows they could become collectors items 🙂


Mama Feelsgood– Fabulous ~Maternity & Breastfeeding Tees

Breastfeeding Tops

Photoshoot this saturday !! Woo Hoo

We,re getting our new shots done for our new designs of tees this weekend (fingers crossed) so i better get the heaters on! As yet the shirts haven’t come back from the printers but hopefully  they will be, plus sadly one of my friends has had to pull out of the shoot at short notice (not her fault as something has come up) so leaves me 1 model short……so if anyone fancies a spot of modelling just send me an email ha ha, no seriously if you think you have the kinda look Mama Feelsgood is about email me.

Very exciting as some of these pictures my feature in our Vogue feature so gotta be good!!

Mama Feelsgood– We’re gonna be in Vogue you know!