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Check out our funky v-neck maternity T-shirt perfect for the summer

Bingo wings? No i’m not being rude but do you wanna hide your bingo wings this summer but still be able to look cool? If so check out our maternity V-neck T-shirt,  the great thing about it is the sleeves aren’t too short but aren’t too long to make you hot and bothered this summer. It’s a great maternity transitional piece which can take you through the summer and into Autumn, and at £16.99 it is an absolute steal.

100% rib knit cotton (brilliant quality too, not thin rubbish) it will wash really well, and has tons of room for your growing bump. The extra long length of this maternity top will keep you covered in all the right places! maternity & breastfeeding clothing

Breastfeeding Tops

Cheap maternity clothes and cheap breastfeeding tops

OK so i had to get your attention somehow!

If you want quality maternity tops or breastfeeding tops for after you’ve had your baby then you really should check us out at We don;t class ourselves as overly expensive, and we do delivery quality products. Our nursing tops and maternity T-shirts prove you can be funky & comfortable &  original when pregnant or breastfeeding .

Our range will shorty be expanding so even more gorgeous breastfeeding tops will be availble solely on-line so make sure you out us in your favourites and check back on us 🙂

Remember breastfeeding clothes don’t have to suck too!

Breastfeeding Tops

Last day at work

Honestly to every person whom has ever shopped at Mama Feelsgood thank you SO much.  Today i am leaving my job as a biomedical scientist to become self employed and concentrate on Mama Feelsgood full time.

It is a really big even for me, i have worked within my resent post for 11 years, and i am going to be mega sad to leave but it’s something i gotta do. Building Mama Feelsgood has been an amazing experience and i have so much more planned for the business which i just can do & have a 2nd job too. So i’ve made my decision, i handed my notice in 1 month ago , have worked my notice and i’m off!

To all my friends there , this isn’t good bye, it’s see you around. I am only an email. phone call, tweet / facebook away!

Ladies get ready for an adventure, Mama Feelsgood is growing and we have lots of new treats in store for you……. Keep posted. breastfeeding t-shirts

Breastfeeding Tops

Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibsons girlfriend is pregnant

Wow Mel Gibson must be potent, he has like 7 kids already with his wife Robin (don;t know exact amount) and now his russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is pregnant with his baby.

The couple met when Grigorieve was signed to Mels record Label (didn;t even know he had one!). According to one of mels friends (so we can’t say how much truth there is in this) A friend of Mel Gibson’s has told the Chicago Sun-Times that the actor has agreed to pay Oksana Grigorieva, who is carrying his child, $10 million “the moment the the baby is born,”

It has also been revealed that the singer will be guaranteed $40,000 per month in child support until the child turns 18-years-old. Gibson will also pay for the child to be educated privately and will cover the costs of college

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding mums – breastmilk is great for getting rid of cradle cap

Hey just something i learnt today, apparently rubbing a little breastmilk into your babies cradle cap can help cure it . 2 or 3 times a day rub a little breastmilk into your babies scalp which is affected by cradle cap and  rub it in gently for around 2 mins and this will help get rid of it.

Pretty  cool totaly natural way of dealing with the situation. If it doesn’t work then at least you know it won;t harm your baby as it’s only your own milk you are rubbing in. Can;t say i ever tried it myself, when i had my daughter she got cradle cap ( which child doesn’t?) and because i didn’t know of any other method i went straight for the medicated shampoo, but if i had known there were natural remedies i would have tried this for sure.

Now i am not a Dr so i cannot say for sure this works, but it is a piece of advise i got from a long serving midwife so who knows there maybe some truth in it!

Here is the Wikipedia link to cradle cap if you wanna check it’s what your baby has funky breastfeeding t-shirts

Breastfeeding Tops

Labour / Birthing pool used in the apprentice – Inflatable birth pool in a box

Wow i have had loads of requests from friends if i new which birthing pool was used in The apprentice last week when they went to the London Excel Baby show.

I said hey i sell breastfeeding t-shirts not birthing pools !! But i am a nice person so if any of your guys are intersted too here is the link to The Birth Pool In A Box

Here is a few of the benefits of the birthing pool as taken from their website:

fantastically comfortable and welcoming

  • has handles in all the right places
  • has a built-in seat (Regular model) for bonding with baby after birth
  • is a snap to clean up with its included disposable liner
  • has a size that is right for you and your place of birth
  • can be adjusted to the right height for you with its 3 independent chambers
  • is fit for purpose: certified by medical device regulators in Europe and the USA. Evidenced by the CE mark.
  • is #1: over 8,000 births a year are in a birth pool in a box
  • is the only birth pool tested and approved for sale by Boots and Mothercare
  • Don’t forget after you had your baby to check us out for breastfeeding tops 🙂 breastfeeding tops which you will wanna wear

    Breastfeeding Tops

    Mama Feelsgood pink summer breastfeeding top short sleeve- on sale today

    Just in time for the fabulous weather we are doing a 1 day special sale on our pink short sleeve nusring T-shirt. This is 1 breastfeeding top you will want to go out and about and use.

    Really is a fantastic colour nursing top for the summer, will totally put you in the mood to chill out, sit back and relax….yeah ok we know mums don’t get alot of time for relaxation but who knows!!

    We also carry on-line the breastfeeding pink shirt with various funky graphic prints, one of my favourites being our Island breastfeeding top

    So have fun in the sun this summer (don’t forget to cream up and that means yoou too & not just your kids) our nursing tops help maintain your privacy whilst out 🙂 maternity & nursing tops

    Breastfeeding Tops

    Breastfeeding T-shirt sale continues – black short sleeve nusring top on sale

    To celebrate half term in the UK we are putting a different shirt on sale each day. So today is the turn of our plain black short sleeve breast feeding tee . Major bargain at £16.99, this lovely cotton breastfeeding top is really good quality which will be ideal if you are nursing your baby.


    The cotton is great for mopping up any spills you might get whilst breastfeeding too! Whilst this nursing top is on sale here’s your chance to grab a bargain 🙂

    Breastfeeding Tops

    Plain Breast feeding / nursing top on sale

    Grab one of our plain breastfeeding tops for a reduced price while you can. It’s only on sale for 24 hours and then it goes back to full price, so if you are after a funky nursing top i would get a move on!

    All our plain breastfeeding t-shirts come in sizes 8 – 18 and are 100% cotton top shirt 95% cotton 5 % spandex undervest. So this is THE place for fashionable breastfeeding wear ,

    About time a breastfeeding top which lets you look good and is super practical. The soft touch cotton really feels great against your skin and your baby’s. Our nursing tops don’t look like “nursing tops” by looking at them, the secret is in the hidden under layer,

    • 95% cotton 5% spandex undershirt
    • Designed to fit AFTER pregnancy
    • machine washable
    • size’s 8 – 18 available
    • All our breastfeeding tees work on the same nursing design:It is 2 shirts in 1. The top t-shirt is just like a regular tee, and below is a hidden under vest with nursing openings on both sides. When you want to feed your baby you simply lift the top tee and move the undervest slightly to use the nursing openings. Keeps your tummy covered and helps hide you chest! As shown in pictures below

      If you prefer a baggy fit go 1 size up.

    All our plain breastfeeding tops are available with graphic prints too, check them out under our Graphic breastfeeding top section.

    Maternity Tops SAle

    Maternity T-shirt Sale – go crazy!!

    Each day this week we are putting a different maternity T-shirt on sale. So today is the turn of our uber cute “Horses” maternity shirt. It comes in size 8 through to 18 and is amazingly pretty.

    All our shirts are really long length so would look fantastic teamed with leggings or skinny jeans. If you are feeling brave you could even wear with shirts this summer! maternity & breastfeeding fashion