Breastfeeding Tops

What is a breastfeeding top and why choose to buy nursing clothing?

OK what is a breastfeeding top also known as a nursing top?

Our nursing tops are designed so there is a top layer shirt – looks just like a regular shirt, you can’t tell from looking at it that it’s designed for breastfeeding. So no flaps, poppers,and there is no chance your bossom will fall out. Everything is covered!

Here’s on of our breastfeeding tops to ilustrate:

So now it’s time for where the magic happens! Sewn into the nursing shirt is an under layer shirt.

This under layer works via 2 larger openings placed under neath the arms. So when it’s time to breastfeed you lift up the top shirt and pull the under layer to one side and hey presto boobie available for feeding.

No post baby tummy is on show because it’s covered completely by the underlayer, and the top shirt helps cover your boobs when feeding.

Heres a picture of the nursing openings:

Each layer of the shirt are sewn together so when you put the shirt on or when you are breastfeeding one shirt won’t move around and become uncomfortable.

Also because the under layer shirt is made with spandex in it (95% cotton 5% spandex) it can stretch to accomodate the larger bust. As we know during breastfeeding sometimes your breasts can become engorged and change in size at different feeding times/ during the day and the extra stretch in the shirt allows for this.

With the top shirt being 100% cotton this is fantastic for sopping up little spills of milk. So if you are out and about and your baby or yourself makes a little mess try and aim for the under layer of the breastfeeding shirt and then no one will see when the top layer is pulled back down!!

We’re really trying to make mums life that little bit easier and provide nursing clothing that is yet functional and nice to wear! No more ugly tops for you mummy!


We are always open to suggestions, so if there are any comments you would like to add please feel free, we’d love to hear from you.


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