Celebrity breastfeeding

Gwen Stefani believes in breastfeeding and other breastfeeding celebrities

Sometimes it’s really cool to see celebrities can be “normal” too! 

So it’s good to see there are a few celebs which are vocal about their passion and feelings towards breastfeeding their children.

Gwen Stefani is one of these celebrities. Gwen Stefani has been quoted by USA Today as saying that she believes breastfeeding gives superhuman powers. She admitted that she was still nursing her then six month old son. Pictures of Gwen and her son, Kingston, are numerous on the internet. Gwen seems to be practicing Attachment Parenting, or AP, to it’s fullest as well as breastfeeding.It appears that Gwen practices what she preaches. She talks publicly about breastfeeding and even apologized at one interview for being an hour late because she was nursing. 

I’m not sure about the superhuman bit, but it’s god to see Gwen so open and comfortable about breastfeeding.

Katie holmes is another celebrity breastfeeding mum who breastfed her daughter Suri. Apparently on one occasion her nursing bra was seen poking out from her top and made a big hoo ha in the news. WOW big deal…some people are so old fashioned!!! Maybe with baby number 2 (if there ever is ) Katie holmes would be more than welcome to try one of our breastfeeding tops 🙂

Any other celebrity mums let us know


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