Breastfeeding Tops

Up dating nursing tops stock levels as we speak

Hurrah had the big delivery i was waiting for yesterday of our nursing tops and even as we speak i am updating the stock levels of breastfeeding tops our site.

It’s been a crazy couple of days for us, we,ve brought in some new colour comblinations and tweeked a few of our graphic prints on the nursing tops so things are gradually changing. As with a lot of things everything takes so long!

We have some cracking new graphic prints ready to go but as yet no pictures! trying arrange a photo shoot when everyone can attend is truly an logistics nightmare, but as any women knows multi tasking is nothing new to us! 

So i am debating on whether to put some mock ups on the site until i have the shoot pictures, just so it gives you guys a chance to but and not have to wait?? What do you think?

Breastfeeding Tops

Our missing breastfeeding tops…….

Well this week has been an experience!

Met a super lovely lady who saw my little article in Bristol Evening post a few weeks back (i’ll will have to scan it in and show you guys) she literally lives up the road from me and was in need of some breastfeeding shirts so popped down, had a chat and was able to try some shirts on to see how the fit was. Also had some really fabulous emails from ladies who love our shirts, and just wanted to pass on their regards, those kinda emails are always really cool to get and really does bring the feel good factor:)

On the downside our shirts are taking forever to be delivered to us…… it’s the biggest order we have ever had and it includes our new graphic print nursing tops plus all the sizes in the shirts we already stock. If i said we are desperate for this order i would be under estimating it! I am so dissapointed it’s unreal, it has just been a combination of mistakes and problems along the way which has resulted in our shirts being 6 weeks late to get to us…. and hence to you guys. So to all the ladies who have enquired when we will have shirts in all the sizes they won’t be long now (fingers crossed) and we are really sorry for the delay.


Have a fab weekend, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Sneek peak at our new breastfeeding graphic tees

We are well excited here at Feelsgood towers, our new shirts should be with us within the next week (everything takes So long!), so we will have plenty of stock in all designs which is good news because we are so sorry about you having to wait for shirts.

We’ve been trying to make our stocks of nursing tops hang out for the last couple of weeks but they just haven’t made it, which is good for us because they are selling but it sucks for you guys who need them now!! Yeah we know what it’s like when you are pregnant or breastfeeding and sometimes there just is no time to wait for things!!

So here is a little sneeky peak of one of our new graphic print nursing tops. We haven’t had our photo shoot yet so this is just a mock picture but hey it totally rocks.

This is called Rock Mama and will be available on dark grey short sleeve and black long sleeve. It reminds me of a Guns n roses style shirt. Hey rock out trendy mama ha ha!!

As soon as they arrive and we have done the photoshoot they will be on the site. I wasn’t sure about taking pre orders for the shirt ( we have had a lot of enquiries) just because it can get quite confusing when there are a lot of different orders to remember. But if you are really keen drop us an email and we can see what we can do 🙂


Have a cool weekend whatever you are doing – Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Promise new shirts and all sizes available soon

Man we are so sorry things are taking a little longer than we thought. We’re running real low on a lot of sizes in basically all our shirts, both maternity tops and nursing tops and we promise we are on the case!

Thanks so all the ladies whom have asked about sizes and shirt availability, it’s really cool you guys love our shirts and want to hold of some, and we are basically working mega hard here behind the scenes to get more in stock.

There were a few hiccups with quite a few things, which were totally out of our control so it’s given us here a bit of a headache trying to sort things (i tell you running your own business is not easy!!) but hopefully we are through the worst and there should be plenty of stock soon.

We are planning our next photo shoot for the new graphic breastfeeding shirts we have coming in, so it’s gonna be totally cool 🙂

Keep you posted- Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Rachel Stevens plans baby ASAP !

As reported in todays Metro Paper newly wed Rachel Stevens (ie from S Club 7) wants to be a mum ASAP. Well Rachel it;s gonna take it least 9 months ha ha.

No joking aside Rachel Stevens who recently married long term boyfriend Alex Bourne say she would love to be a mother, and plans to get on the case straight away!

Not that i know her at all but she strikes me of a kinda maternal person and on my first impression would make a lovely mum, bet the baby would be a gorgeous one too! She could teach it to dance with all that training she did for strictly come dancing!

We’ll keep you informed on her due date if there ever becomes one!

Breastfeeding Tops

Kat nursing tee goes on sale

We are really excited that our new nursing shirts should be with us some time next week, things have changed a lot in how we order them and it should makes things SO much easier for both you guys and us. So now there should be all sizes in stock for the majority of the time.. We are adding i think 5 new graphic prints to our range, and some of the shirts are getting new colour cordinations which i personally think go really well with each other.

SO basically this means as things are being changed some of our breastfeeding tops are going to be fazed out, so we will no longer be selling the Mama Diamond shirts, and the 8 ball tees will be going too. One benefit for you is they will be available at a much cheaper rate just to create some more storage space for the new tees.

We have put our Kat nursing t-shirt on special this week, it’s still going to be available for some time in store but we just have to create space for all our new stock!!

Enjoy, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Contacting Us

Hi guys, just a heads up on THE best way to contact us as some people have had a hard time getting through to us.

Always the best way to get us is email at  if you have problems with that email (which hopefully now you shouldn’t ) you can get us at too.

We have a message system via the website too which is in the top part of the page, if we are live on line this will be in pink and we can chat right then or leave  a mesagae and again this will be emailed right to us.

Or you can call our phone line which is 01179 041771 and leave a message on our answerphone and when we pick that message up we will get back to you. To be totally honest our phone always goes straight to answerphone as it’s basically me running the show and i really can’t be everywhere! This is what keeps the prices down and if i have to take staff on then the prices of the shirts will rise, so  ladies please be patient , i know it’s not ideal but i am totally trying my best.


If in doubt ALWAYS email and i will respond ASAP.


Take care, liz