Breastfeeding Tops

Kat nursing tee goes on sale

We are really excited that our new nursing shirts should be with us some time next week, things have changed a lot in how we order them and it should makes things SO much easier for both you guys and us. So now there should be all sizes in stock for the majority of the time.. We are adding i think 5 new graphic prints to our range, and some of the shirts are getting new colour cordinations which i personally think go really well with each other.

SO basically this means as things are being changed some of our breastfeeding tops are going to be fazed out, so we will no longer be selling the Mama Diamond shirts, and the 8 ball tees will be going too. One benefit for you is they will be available at a much cheaper rate just to create some more storage space for the new tees.

We have put our Kat nursing t-shirt on special this week, it’s still going to be available for some time in store but we just have to create space for all our new stock!!

Enjoy, Liz


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