Breastfeeding Tops

Music sound better with you – funky nursing top

Introducing our new The Music Sounds Better With You nursing Tee

Really great for these colder months as the long sleeves will keep you nice and toasty and the funky happy print will cheer you up if you are feeling a little sad due to lack of sunshine! This nursing top comes in Dark grey and Pink in the long sleeve version , we also carry it in our website in a short sleeve nursing top too , available inDark Grey and  Pink 

This design for our nursing shirt came about due to the loss of a very good friend of mine- don;t want to depress anyone but Kerri YOu’ll always be remembered and never forgotten. Sometimes it’s really nice to look back and remember the good and mega fun times you’ve had the privelidge to experience with someone, and the same goes for when you’re baby is still a baby. They are such precious times that you won’t ever get back so make the most of them while you have it! Blimey i sound sad today ha ha

So the whole vibe and aim of the Music Sounds Better with You  breastfeeding tee is  to make you feel happy, and chirpy and basically be glad to be here!!!

Take care, Liz


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