Breastfeeding Tops

Getting close to Christmas – nursing clothing for your special lady

What a great idea why not buy your partner / friend a nursing top for christmas 🙂

OK so i would say that considering i run a breastfeeding clothing brand !But it would make a good surprise and it is practical and it is something for the lady herself and not the baby.


Being 6 months pregnant myself and it is approaching christmas my dad asked me what i would like for christmas in the way of a present- he suggested maybe baby clothes or a cot……. hmmm sorry i don;t sleep in a cot and baby clothes would def not fit me. Don;t know if i am on my own in this but people don;t offer to buy my husband baby things as his present for christmas……

I am truly not un grateful as i am 36 now and don;t really expect anything for christmas at all (well apart from my husband who would be in deep do do’s if he didn;t get me anyhting!) but baby things? 

ALthough maternity clothes or nursing clothes are different as they are for me and would make me feel good and more comfortable.


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