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I still hate pickles – cool pregnancy blog

I must say i don;t read too many blogs, some stores which i really like do cool blogs but you really gotta be feeling the person writing the blog to read it on a regular basis i think.

I Still Hate Pickles     is a blog about a ladies trip through pregnancy and the emotions and sorta everyday life being faced by women with a child and going through another pregnancy. I just like the frankness of it and it;s refreshing to read, it doesn’t sugar coat things or makes things  worse than what they really are / were.

I thought the recent post about remembering the previous labour of her first child was really cool, very similar (in the description of the pain etc) to my own labour, although i was induced and ended up with an emergency c-section. Here’s the article

What were you experience like during labour? And if you are having a 2nd , 3rd , 4th pregnancy do the other previous labours put you off?


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