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A GROUP of women have been commended for completing a unique training course in how to help other mothers with breastfeeding.

The pilot scheme has been set up by health bosses as part of a drive to get parents to help each other with difficulties and problems with feeding, and to emphasise that “breast is best” for young babies’ diets.

According to NHS statistics, 43 per cent of mothers in west Essex breastfeed at six to eight weeks of their child’s birth, which is below the national average of 48 per cent.

The volunteers all took part in a 12-week course at the Abbeywood and Hazelwood Children’s Centres in Waltham Abbey, spending three hours a week learning how to become a “breastfeeding buddy” and how best to promote the practice in the local area.

Graduates of the course celebrated with a party earlier this week, featuring a cake in the shape of a pair of breasts supplied by Andersons bakery in Epping High Street.

Teresa Morgan, of NHS West Essex, which organised the course along with the children’s centres and the Breastfeeding Network group, congratulated the women for their hard work.

She added: “We hope this new initiative can go from strength to strength.”

Course trainer Jane Neesam said: “I hope more Waltham Abbey mothers will breastfeed with the support they need to maintain it for longer.

“It provides long lasting benefits for babies and mums themselves.”

For more information on breastfeeding support in west Essex call Jo Eley on 01279 698625 or Philippa Hyams on 0208 522 3217.


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Health In Pregnancy (HIP) government grant – UK

Did you know if you are 25 weeks pregnant or more and live in the UK you are intitled to a grant from the government of £190 and it;s called the Health In Pregnancy grant or HIP for short. It comes into affect as from April 2009.

Everyone is intitled to it regardless of income and you have to be 25 weeks or over to be able to apply (why 25 i don;t know but there you go!) .  Application forms or paper work needed is gained via your midwife and i think the money is paid into your bank but i am not totally sure about this but i guess it will be.Please be aware if you do not claim for it you loose it, i think it’s 30 days after form is signed or 30 days after you are 25 weeks i’m not sure.

Don;t miss out on it, if you don;t want it for yourself then put it in the bank for your little one, i’m sure over 18 years it will get some interest and they will thank you for it later 🙂

Sometimes things are made obvious so here is the governments page about it: HERE

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Heidi Klum admits it’s tough looking after 4 kids

German supermodel Heidi Klum has found being a mother of four ”tough” since she gave birth to her new daughter Lou last month.

Heidi Klum admits it’s “tough” having four children.

The German supermodel – who gave birth to daughter Lou last month – is struggling to adapt because her newborn baby demands a lot of her time and attention.

Heidi – who is married to singer Seal – told German magazine Gala: “Of course this is all very tough for me at the moment because Leni, Henry and Johan want to continue to do things with their mama and papa. They are not really interested in the fact that you have just had a baby. Seal and I have a lot of work because we have to divide everything among us. But it’s great! We are incredibly happy and the family really satisfies me.

“At the moment Lou needs me enormously. Not only because of breastfeeding but also because she needs to be close to her mother. She will sleep now for a year with us in our bedroom – just as her siblings did. It’s easier at night if she is hungry.”

The 36-year-old beauty keeps her other children – daughter Leni, five, and sons Henri, four, and Johan, three – happy by making sure they’re kept busy.

Heidi – who along with Seal have released photographs of their new daughter on the 46-year-old musician’s official website, – explained: “You must always think of new things – this is sometimes a challenge. We often make play dates with other kids or we go to the park. On weekends we like to go to Disneyland.”

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