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Mama Feelsgood nursing top on sale – Music sounds better with you

Grab a bargain while you can our Funky Pink Music sounds better with you nursing top is on sale , perfect for this colder weather. Super soft lovely cotton double layer nursing top will keep you snug and warm.

The fun silk screen print will also brighten up your day and maybe even bring a smile too ūüôā


Here’s a picture to show how our nursing tops work¬†


All our nursing tops are available in plain short sleeve , long sleeve  and graphic prints too, again both in short sleeve  and long sleeve

Breastfeeding Tops

GMTV- extended breastfeeding debate

Well i wouldn’t call it exactly a debate but today as featured on GMTV Lorriane Kelly was chatting to ladies whom were all in some way concerned with extended breastfeeding.

There was an author of a book detailing about extended breastfeeding, a midwife and feeding expert and a mother whom is currently breasfeeding her 4 and a half year old daughter along with her younger child.

Now breasfeeding as a whole not just extended breastfeeding (not too sure what the definition of extended breastfeeding is , maybe over 2 years? ) is such an emotive subject that i think it;s impossible for either person ie of you are against or pro breastfeeding to get offended at some stage!

As parents we all want what is right for all our children, and it’s so easy to feel judged and insecure about how, what we are doing in relation to what society deems “the norm”. Personally i don’t ¬†think people should be so quick to judge. I myself couldn’t breastfeed, for my own health reasons but i felt i was judged for bottle feeding. Some mothers feel they are judged for breastfeeding so whats up????

Did you see the show today?

What did you think?

Breastfeeding Tops

Health in Pregnancy Grant From the Government – don’t forget to claim within 31 days

Sometimes i think the government can be a bit sneaky, they have introduced the Health in Pregnancy grant which of course is good, £190 one off payment that can help buy things for yourself & your baby is nothing to be sniffed at.

I think the governments original idea was it promotes pregnant mothers to eat a bit more healthy, but you can buy whatever you want with it ( don;t think a anyone is expecting you to go buy £190 of veg!).

Anyway just wanted to remind everyone you have to claim WITHIN 31 DAYs of the form being signed by your midwife, otherwise they won’t pay out. Why they out this clause in i don;t know.

I visited my midwife over christmas where she gave me this form, of course with the really bad weather and things being shut for christmas i put it to one side and forgot about it. I’ve only just sent mine off and am right on the deadline so i’ll see if i still get it…….

Don;t loose out, complete the form and send back ASAP !

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Breastfeeding Problem Solver – Babycentre

Especially as a first timer breastfeeding your baby can be a steep learning curve. Every baby is different and with time and experience hopefully (and don;t beat yourself up if you don’t) you’ll get the hang of it and what your baby likes and their little routines and positions they like etc.

But as with learning anyhting new there will be curve balls thrown at you and you will probably at some stage be thinking “what they heck is going on”, so i found this cool site on which can help you with some of the common problems incurred during breastfeeding. You’ll find it here :

Of course always ask your midwife or health visitor or Dr for THE best advice, but as a quick reference you can check this site out, just so you can put some perspective on your situation.

The site covers things like:

¬†White spots in baby’s mouth that don’t look like milk or can’t be wiped off
 Bleeding nipples
 Fissures in the areola or nipples
¬†Breasts don’t leak at all
 Breasts never seem full
 Milk squirts out when baby starts to feed
 Baby gets upset at feedings
 Feeling pain when your milk comes in
 Baby refuses to nurse
 Baby has a hard time nursing after using the bottle
 Baby only wants to nurse on one breast
 Sore nipples
 Overfull nipples
 Flu-like symptoms
 Red bumps on breast
 Bras and shirts are often wet from milk from your breasts

Take a look and see what you think, but as stated before always get a professional opinion from a midwife etc.

Breastfeeding Tops

Venus Maternity – clifton Village Bristol is now closed – sad times

We are really sad to hear a fellow Bristol business Venus Maternity has closed – sad times.

If you have never been to clifton village in Bristol it’s lush ! Really nice part of the city and it;s full of lovely little boutiques that offer that something special and that personal service, Venus maternity was one of these. After being in business for 6 years i am sad to say they have closed their store and no longer will be selling to the people of Bristol. Such a shame.

Shopping is not all about the big brands, the smaller brands like ourselves are able to offer a more personal service and honestly really do care about our customers and the products that we produce, if we don;t get supported by our customers then that would be it; and i would like to take this opourtunity to say to all our customers thanks for the support ūüôā

Breastfeeding Tops

Drugs used during labour / child birth could affect you ability to breastfeed. ??

When i had my daughter 5 years ago she basically didn;t wanna come out, i had to be induced and even then nope she wasn’t having any of it. I think the midwife and Dr’s used everything they could on me ( including what seemed like the kitchen sink at the time) to get her out, in the end it was an emergency c-section- which wasn’t a stroll in the park.

After i had real problems trying to breastfeed her, my milk production was less than that of a sparrow and after weeks of trying and her loosing weight i started her on formula feeds; i was really gutted and beat myself up about it a lot; basically felt like a failure, i mean its not as if i wasn’t blessed with the boobies to do it !! So when i saw this article (ok it;s dated 2009 but still might be of relevance) it gave me some insight into a possible reason why my milk production was SO poor.

As taken from this BBC news article

Drugs commonly used to treat bleeding after birth may hamper a woman’s ability to breastfeed her baby, research suggests.

The study, which appears in the journal BJOG, suggests the drugs may impede milk production.

The Swansea University team also confirmed high doses of painkilling drugs have a similar effect.

The findings may help to explain the limited success of efforts to increase breastfeeding rates in the UK.

But an expert warned no firm conclusions could be drawn from the study.

The Department of Health recommends children are exclusively breastfed for the first six months, because of the health benefits it can provide for both mother and baby.

It has set a target of increasing breastfeeding rates by 2% each year.

But in the UK only 45% of babies are exclusively breastfeed just one week after their birth. One in four receive only formula milk from birth.

The Swansea team analysed data on more than 48,000 women who gave birth in South Wales.

They found use of the drugs oxytocin or ergometrine to cut the risk of haemorrhage was associated with an overall 7% decline in the proportion who started breastfeeding within 48 hours of giving birth.

Among women who were not given the drugs, two-thirds (65.5%) started breastfeeding within 48 hours of giving birth.

But among those given a shot of oxytocin the breastfeeding rate was 59.1%, and among those who were given an additional injection of ergometrine the rate fell to just 56.4%.

Milk production

The researchers believe the drugs may hamper a woman’s ability to produce milk.

This could mean that their initial attempts to breastfeed may end in frustration, and that many give up rather than persevering.

The link between painkilling drugs and lower rates of breastfeeding has already been established, and has led to revised NHS guidance on the use of epidurals in labour.

Lead researcher Dr Sue Jordan said more research was required, but based on the study’s findings use of the clotting drugs could lead to up to 50,000 fewer British babies being breastfed every year.

She calculated that this could mean an extra 1,000 children becoming clinically obese, and 3,000 developing childhood asthma.

Dr Jordan said the study highlighted a pressing need for follow-up research.

She said: “The potentially life-saving treatments to prevent bleeding after birth must not be compromised on the basis of this study but further studies are required to establish ways to minimise any effects on breastfeeding rates.

“In the meantime, what we would like to see would be provision of extra help for new mothers trying to establish breastfeeding by making sure to allow enough time for the effect of drugs given in labour to subside.”

Patrick O’Brien, a consultant obstetrician and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said the study was interesting, but more tightly-controlled follow ups were needed.

For instance, he said it was possible that women who refused drug therapy might also be more likely to breastfeed.

He said: “This small possible effect on breastfeeding has to be balanced against the beneficial effects of these drugs, which are known to reduce the risk of heavy bleeding after birth from 18% to 6%.

“At the moment, I would say the benefits of using the drugs outweigh the theoretical downsides.”

Rosemary Dodds, policy research officer for the National Childbirth Trust, said women needed more support to start breastfeeding.

She said: “A lot of women are not given enough information about the medications that might be given to them during childbirth, and women at low risk of bleeding may not need to take these drugs.

“It is important that women understand the risks and can give their informed consent before they go into labour.

Breastfeeding Tops

Super Sale on our Short Sleeve Nursing Tops

We have some seriously good nursing tops available to buy on our website, you should come check them out.

Also at the moment we are having a special on our short sleeve breastfeeding tops, so don;t miss a bargain because as much as we like a good sale they won’t be available at this price for much over a week. We’ve started off slow and have reduced a few and over the week will remove some from the sale and change them for others – well they do say a change is as good as a rest!

All our nursing tops work on the same principle of having 2 layers, the under layer having a double opening on either side ie left & right so you can just pull the top layer up and move the under layer across when you wanna feed your baby. So less tummy exposure!

Also a lot of ladies continue to wear their shirts after they stop feeding their babies, the top shirt really doens’t encounter too much stretch during the feeding process so doesn’t get stretched out of shape and the under layer has spandex in it so helps retain it;s shape. Some people snip the under layer out and wear just the top layer as a “normal” t-shirt after they have finishes with breastfeeding. So don’t look at the top as limited only to when you breastfeed , it;s a new addition toy our wardrobe which you can wear until you don;t want to!

Breastfeeding Tops

GMTV Breastfeeding Survey comes under fire from Mums

Recently morning breakfast show GMTV have conducted a survey with the topic being breastfeeding. I can’t say i actually read a copy or completed the survey but it seems it has caused some out rage amongest parents, with the suggestion that some of the questions asked in the survey were very negative towards breastfeeding.


Here is an article from The Mirror newspaper which highlights some of the complaints received:

Angry mums are boycotting GMTV after accusing the show of a “blatant and disgusting” anti-breastfeeding agenda.

Bosses have received hundreds of complaints from viewers who were asked to take part in an “insulting” and “staggeringly biased” survey.

Yesterday parenting groups and charities claimed it was a slap in the face for mums who choose to breastfeed and accused the show of chasing cheap headlines.

The GMTV online poll asked: “Do you think breasts should not be displayed in public for any reason? “Do you think women should use discretion when¬†breastfeeding?” And “Do you think it’s a woman’s right to breastfeed in public?” It also asked if it was “wrong” to breastfeed a child over 12 months.

Some viewers pointed to a possible conflict of interest over GMTV’s tie-up with Nestl√© Cereals, who sponsor the weather slots and also sell¬†baby formula¬†worldwide.


Members of parenting forum Mumsnet have posted hundreds of angry messages.

Comments included: “The questions are really loaded and negative.

“It’s telling us we should feel awkward about breastfeeding in public.

“It makes it seem as though feeding your child is in some way similar to flashing.”

Mumsnet spokeswoman Justine Roberts said: “The survey displayed an underlying negative stance. It has caused a lot of annoyance.”

Rosie Dodds, of the National Childcare Trust, said: “The questions seem designed to provide negative and sensationalist results.”

Gmtv yesterday defended the survey, saying: “Breastfeeding is a perennial subject. It always provokes discussion and debate. We always try to present a balanced view.”

A source added: “Nestl√© have no editorial input.”



Whats your input on the situation?

Breastfeeding Tops

Nursing tops for the bigger busted woman- which style of breastfeeding top do you prefer?

It kinda goes together really that whilst pregnant and during breastfeeding that your boobs are gonna (not always) get bigger. Not all the time but hey with all the work they are doing during breastfeeding you would have thought your boobs would grow a little. This is one of the problems when buying a breastfeeding top that your body shape has changed so much , not only in the boob department but in the waist and tummy region too it’s kinda hard to know which kinda top to buy.

Some styles of nursing tops (well basically tops in general) are really well suited to ladies with the bigger bust and kinder to tummys which are adjusting to life after having had a baby. We know here at Mama Feelsgood out nursing tops at the moment are limited to 2 styles of t-shirt style tops, but we will be expanding our range of nursing wear in the near future and really wanted to hear back from you guys as to what styles you want. 

For example some ladies would not want to wear their maternity shirts after they have given birth, so a maternity shirt with a nursing option is not something they would want. On the other hand if thinking on a budget some ladies would like a maternity top they can nurse from as it reduces cost and also gives them some room to breath in post delivery. You can never please everyone all of the time, and it’s very true in this situation, but we are a caring company who is trying to provide breastfeeding clothing that ladies will WANT to wear, both functionality and design. If you let us know what you want then we can blaze a trail to get you what you want.


We’d love to hear from you ūüôā Either email us or leave a comment below.

Breastfeeding Tops

2010 New years sale on Mama Feelsgood nursing tops

What better way to start 2010 than some retail therapy, and when you know you are getting a bargain it makes things even better!

Our nursing tops both long sleeve, short sleeve and plain nursing tops are in the sale, so check them out and grab yourself a little piece of heaven while you can haha. 

Seriously in this really cold weather we are experiencing here in the UK a breastfeeding top will make you life a whole lot easier, keep your tummy warm whilst feeding your baby. So you can layer up without experiencing any of the hassle ever time your baby needs a feed.

Hope you all enjoyed your christmas and new year, and let us totally rock 2010 ūüôā