Breastfeeding Tops

Super Sale on our Short Sleeve Nursing Tops

We have some seriously good nursing tops available to buy on our website, you should come check them out.

Also at the moment we are having a special on our short sleeve breastfeeding tops, so don;t miss a bargain because as much as we like a good sale they won’t be available at this price for much over a week. We’ve started off slow and have reduced a few and over the week will remove some from the sale and change them for others – well they do say a change is as good as a rest!

All our nursing tops work on the same principle of having 2 layers, the under layer having a double opening on either side ie left & right so you can just pull the top layer up and move the under layer across when you wanna feed your baby. So less tummy exposure!

Also a lot of ladies continue to wear their shirts after they stop feeding their babies, the top shirt really doens’t encounter too much stretch during the feeding process so doesn’t get stretched out of shape and the under layer has spandex in it so helps retain it;s shape. Some people snip the under layer out and wear just the top layer as a “normal” t-shirt after they have finishes with breastfeeding. So don’t look at the top as limited only to when you breastfeed , it;s a new addition toy our wardrobe which you can wear until you don;t want to!


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