Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding Problem Solver – Babycentre

Especially as a first timer breastfeeding your baby can be a steep learning curve. Every baby is different and with time and experience hopefully (and don;t beat yourself up if you don’t) you’ll get the hang of it and what your baby likes and their little routines and positions they like etc.

But as with learning anyhting new there will be curve balls thrown at you and you will probably at some stage be thinking “what they heck is going on”, so i found this cool site on which can help you with some of the common problems incurred during breastfeeding. You’ll find it here :

Of course always ask your midwife or health visitor or Dr for THE best advice, but as a quick reference you can check this site out, just so you can put some perspective on your situation.

The site covers things like:

 White spots in baby’s mouth that don’t look like milk or can’t be wiped off
 Bleeding nipples
 Fissures in the areola or nipples
 Breasts don’t leak at all
 Breasts never seem full
 Milk squirts out when baby starts to feed
 Baby gets upset at feedings
 Feeling pain when your milk comes in
 Baby refuses to nurse
 Baby has a hard time nursing after using the bottle
 Baby only wants to nurse on one breast
 Sore nipples
 Overfull nipples
 Flu-like symptoms
 Red bumps on breast
 Bras and shirts are often wet from milk from your breasts

Take a look and see what you think, but as stated before always get a professional opinion from a midwife etc.


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