“normal” birth after a c-section – what was your experience?

Ok so after having had 1 emergency c-section i am now 9 and a bit weeks off my due date for my 2nd baby and have to consider my options for how i am going to deliver my 2nd baby as i have been giving the choice of having another section.

I must admit my daughters birth (now 5 years ago) was more than an ordeal than i had thought and there is no way i would want to repeat that (24 hours of full on labour after being induced & then emergency section was not fun!) so i was trying to take an educated look at the situation.

I spoke things through with my midwife (although i did get the impression that they don;t really have the time to go through things in great detail) she said as i thought trying to have it via the usually route was the best option and that i would be well looked after to make sure my c – section scar did not rupture….ewwww   that thought is not a nice one! Scenes of the Film Alien spring to mind!

Also i my midwife told me that i wouldn’t have to go through such a long labour as my uterus couldn;t take being labour so long and that they would have made a decision to do a section well before what they did with my first birth.

So all in all i think i am going to go for a wait and see if it comes naturally & if it;s late then i have to have a c-section.

Just wondered if any of you guys had been in the same situation as me? Any advice, to hear what your experience was would be cool.