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Easter Opening times – New baby arrival

OK Easter is nearly here and with that brings bank holidays, woo hoo i hear you cry.

Well it also brings Royal Mail stopping for Easter too so thought i would just remind you guys that the last day for postage is Thursday, but even then we cannot guarentee that your parcel will reach you before easter.

So if you want your top urgently i’m so sorry you’ll have to wait 😦

Also very exciting times here as i am expecting a baby any day now. As lots of you know it;s me myself and i which runs the show around here so whilst i am out of action having my baby there will be some delays in getting your orders out. A back up plan is in place and orders will be shipped but basically not at the speed that i can do it, so please ladies you know yourselves what it;s like to have a new baby, a little patience would be fab.

Any problems someone will always be on hand if you want to email us , and like i mentioned orders will still be sent and we are not shutting down etc.

Thanks all so much. 


Take care, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Want a fashionable nursing top that doesn’t cost the earth?

Gone are the days of frumpy nursing tops , Mama FeelsGood are here to help you. 

Our nursing tops are funky, practical and look good ! Not something that can be said for other makes of breastfeeding clothing.

Check our our sale items for major bargains, their are some real deals to be had.

Get your maternity wardrobe ready for the summer and stock up on our short sleeve nursing tops now while the are in the sale! 

Our Neptune Surf Nursing T-shirt is such a bargain, and it will only be available on sale for a limited time only. It’s currently available for only £9.99


The neptune surf breastfeeding top has a real laid back vibe to it, the super cute pink colour really is cool for summer and the surf style print really makes this nursing top stand our from the others. You won’t look out of place on fistral beach in this little beauty!

We also have plain nursing tees in the sale 

Our plain Pink long sleeve nursing tops are also on sale.


Weight gain during pregnancy – weight loss after

OK i am on a downer today. I am 38 weeks pregnant and the midwife has just weighed me and to say i am stunned is an understatement.

How the human body can put on so much weight in 9 months is beyond me but this is crazy…. OK so i try look at things rationally, my mobility has been down for ages because i just can’t walk too far because back ache etc, and i haven’t exactly been watching what i have been eating, but it’s not like i’ve had curry and chips every night for tea.

My midwife tried to make me feel better by saying the baby could weigh 8lb of this weight gain and the placenta and fluid etc weighs alot…ok but not like 3 stone!!

Did any of you guys put lots of weight on during pregnancy and how did you do getting it off?

Breastfeeding Tops

Want a trendy nursing top that doesn’t cost lots?

Hey breastfeeding fashion doesn’t have to cost a lot, and it is possible to get good quality nursing clothes for a fraction of the price.

We generally have a sale on one of our nursing tops at one time or another and this week is your lucky week because we have a number of breastfeeding tops on sale 🙂

Our super funky Short sleeve Kat nursing T-shirt is on sale at the mo :

Good quality nursing shirt with a double under layer opening – as shown here:

So grab a little piece of heaven while you can for a lot less of the price:)

No seriously all our nursing tops have been designed for the breastfeeding mother , making them durable yet soft to the touch, so they feel nice on your skin and your babies. The feedback we have received about our breastfeeding tops has truly been really really great, and we are working on producing a new line of nursing tops in the very near future, so come try our breastfeeding T-shirts and tell us what you think.

With the warmer months coming up (fingers crossed , fingers crossed) and you’ll wanna get out and about a lot more our short sleeve nursing tops are perfect for life on the move as a mother whom breastfeeds. We’ve had feedback from breastfeeding mothers whom have said our nursing tops have given them the confidence to go out and breast feed in public which is truly a great thing. No more having to worry your baby will need feeding when you are out because our breast feeding tops really do give you the confidence to do whats natural whilst not having to be a hermit!

Have a great weekend ladies 🙂


Breastfeeding Tops

Surf style nursing shirt on sale today

Yeah surf’s up dude, our  long sleeve neptune nursing top is so laid back it will make you chill out as soon as you put it on 🙂

Just a heads up to you guys it’s on sale right now on our website   

for only £12.99, that is a genuine steal. All our nursing tops are really well made and durable, and made to be comfortable and help give you confidence to breastfeed your child anywhere, especially making things more discrete whilst out and about. It is also available in pink short sleeve version too and thats only £9.99. So grab them while they are on special, it;s not often you can get a brand new nursing top at such a good price.


 We also stock long and short sleeve nursing tops if graphic breastfeeding tops don;t rock your boat 🙂


Breastfeeding advice – how do you breast feed?

I mean it’s not like all girls are sat down at some time in their life and shown or told how to breastfeed, so how the heck are we supposed to know what to do?

I am just about to have my 2nd baby any day and have not had any advice or classes offered to me about breastfeeding, it is just assumed i know what to do! Not to get too personal but with my first child breastfeeding just didn;t work out for longer then 2 weeks (due to medical reasons) so now i’m ready to pop with my 2nd baby and want to nurse them but i can’t remember what the heck i did with my daughter !!!!!

So Google really is a wonderful thing and i found a video on You Tube which shows you what to do when you are just starting to breastfeed and gives you a little guidance as to what to expect etc.

I found it quite reassuring to watch and it was a help. Obviously it is only like 5 mins long and can’t go into great detail about every aspect of breastfeeding your baby but it’s a good start.

Here’s the link and see what you think:

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing tops – weather warming up

OK so it;s not even Spring yet (only a few weeks away until it is officially spring) but there is a change in the weather here in the UK. The evenings are getting lighter for longer and the mornings lighter too, i love this time of year, and before you know it summer will be here yeah!!!

So as a kinda yeah to Springs arrival we have put some of our short sleeve graphic print nursing tops on sale. 

This is our horses short sleeve nursing top in light grey and it is on special for only £15.99, seriously a good price for a quality shirt which would be fab for the spring / summer and just pop a cardigan over the top if you wanna wear it all year around. 

Funky hard wearing nursing clothes are hard to come by so please check our clothes out which have been designed for breastfeeding mums. We are currently planning out designs for future breastfeeding clothing collections here at Mama Feelsgood so as our previous blog entry mentions if you have any strong ideas of what you would like to see just let us know. We have had lots of really good suggestions via email so thanks to all the ladies who have taken the time to reply, it has been a real help. We promise to produce some kicking new  nursing tops / nursing clothing in the near future.


Check out our website

Breastfeeding Tops

New nursing top range – what would you like to see?

We like to think we are a company whom listens to our customers 🙂 So we thought we would ask you what would you like to see from a nursing top?

We are in the process of designing our next range of nursing tops and wanted to know what can we make for you that you would really want? We’re not talking what would “do” or “yeah that would get me by” what do you wanna wear that will make you look and feelgood when breastfeeding your baby?

OK so we know clothes that are made to breast feed your baby in have to be practical, we’re not talking nursing tops with a halter necks or nipple tassles !!! ha ha although judging by some of the emails we get some ladies might like that ha ha. The fabric has to wash well as we know you will be getting a lot of use of of the tops so delicate fabrics such as silk etc aren’t the ideal type, but in general terms of style what do you guys want?

If we start talking nursing openings – the double layer top where you pull up the use the double side openings, do you prefer these or do you o prefer the pull down style nursing shirt? ie a deep v neck and you can pull down the shirt to feed your baby. To be honest i always found these nursing tops a little more exposing than the pull up double layer type, but it;s not all about me…it;s about you 🙂

Long sleeve, short sleeve, dark, light what kinda nursing clothing do you want to see available?

Either email us at help @ or write a reply below 🙂


Happy Mothers Day – Have a lovely day

Just wanted to wish all our customers and mothers out there happy mothers day 🙂

I’ve had a lovely day myself and been spoilt loads, even got to stay in bed reading the papers until 9.30!!! Better make the most of it until baby no 2 comes along!

Hope you all have a fabulous day with your family and remember it’s a day for mothers so don;t forget your own!

Love you mum .

Breastfeeding Tops, Celebrity pregnancy

Sara Cox has baby no 3 – given birth to little girl


Congratulations to Sara Cox and her husband on the arrival of her  third (their 2nd) baby ,

She had a little girl at 8.30 this morning (12, 03,2010 ) and have choosen to call her Renee.

Sara announced it on twitter , we wish her and her new baby girl all the best.