Weight gain during pregnancy – weight loss after

OK i am on a downer today. I am 38 weeks pregnant and the midwife has just weighed me and to say i am stunned is an understatement.

How the human body can put on so much weight in 9 months is beyond me but this is crazy…. OK so i try look at things rationally, my mobility has been down for ages because i just can’t walk too far because back ache etc, and i haven’t exactly been watching what i have been eating, but it’s not like i’ve had curry and chips every night for tea.

My midwife tried to make me feel better by saying the baby could weigh 8lb of this weight gain and the placenta and fluid etc weighs alot…ok but not like 3 stone!!

Did any of you guys put lots of weight on during pregnancy and how did you do getting it off?


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