Breastfeeding Tops

Nursing dresses – what kinda nursing dress / breastfeeding dress would you like?

Exciting times here at Mama FeelsGood we are extending our range of nursing clothing , so to go with our range of nursing T-shirts (both graphic nursing tops and plain nursing T-shirts) are are designing some nursing dresses and are looking for you input.

We have a pretty good idea od which direction we are going to head in and without giving too much away have 1 nursing dress pretty much designed, but as we always say we love to get feedback from our customers and want to know what you would want from a dress you can breast feed in. Would ladies like something more “dressy” ie something you could wear to work, out on a night and during the day or is a causal nursing dress more appropriate? 

Also length, on the knee, below the knee? Whats you fav?

There is soo many designs to choose from when thinking up new ideas for nursing clothing and lots of women say there is never anything nice in the breastfeeding clothing market that doesn’t obviously look like nursing wear so now ladies is your chance to create nursing clothing you would actually want to wear.

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing tops are here ! – funky short sleeve breastfeeding tops

Woo hoo the sun has finally started to shine here in the UK (well here in Bristol it’s gorgeous weather, so hope it;s just as nice where you are), so now is the time you are gonna want to get out and about with your little one. What can make this easier for breastfeeding mothers? Why a lovely summer nursing top from Mama ……. OK maybe this isn;t a subtle sales pitch but honestly our nursing tops are fab and just to make your life that little bit easier why not try one?

The picture shown is our Rock Mama Short sleeve nursing top in black (also comes in dark grey too)

Super funky nursing clothes are really hard to come by and we have lots of really cool casual nursing tops to offer, lots of them are currently available in our sale section too.  So if you are like me and a breastfeeding mother and know when your baby starts to cry they want feeding there and then ( i have first hand experience of being in M&S today and my 2 week old little girl needed feeding, and man she let me know she was hungry and all the people in the store knew too!! She has a fine set of lungs on her when she wants too. But of course i was wearing my Mama FeelsGood nursing top, in fact it was this Rock Mama breastfeeding top, the black does wonders to make you look slimmer! it made the whole process of breastfeeding in the childrens school clothing section loads more descrete ) !

Have fun in the sun and don;t forget your sun lotion, you dont wanna burn.

Breastfeeding Tops

Yay we had a baby girl

Wow what a difference a couple of days can make 🙂

We are really lucky to announce that we (ie me & Matt) have had a baby girl on Tuesday. She was a lot smaller than we had thought (don;t believe the growth scans the midwifes show you!) and she weighed 6lb 7 oz and not the 8lb we were told to expect!!

She’s absolutely gorgeous and all of us including her older sister are totally besotted!

Sadly for me i had to endure 3 days in hospital so this has caused tons of emails to become backed up , and i am really sorry to those people who have been affected. But i am back now and with the fantastic help of Matt am gaining some kinda normality back into Mama FeelsGood!


So hopefully orders will be delivered as swiftly as before now 🙂 

I just wanted to say congratultions to my really good friend Dawn and her partner Mike who welcomed her little baby into the world yesterday. Our babies both brought a big ray of sunshine with them 🙂