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Don’t forget to check out our nursing top sale section

A couple of weeks ago we had a little change around with the categories on the website , so now all the sale nursing tops are in one section rather than split between the short sleeve nursing tops and the long sleeve nursing tops 

Just wanted to bring it to your attention as different breastfeeding tops will be brought off and onto sale each week, so keep an eye out 🙂

Have a greta bank holiday chaps 🙂

Maternity Tops SAle

Mama FeelsGood Maternity Tees are back but in very limited supply

We’ve had tons of emails about our maternity tees , 

Apologies guys it’sbeen a real busy time here at Mama Headquarters both business wise and personally so  our stocks of maternity tees just haven’t been replenished and we basically haven’t had the shirts reprinted. I know big slap on our hands, mega mega sorry. 

We have gone through the very little stocks of maternity shirts we have left  and listed them on the site , BUT there really is’nt too many of each size left in stock so if there is something you like you better get in quick because we can’t say it will be around long, and our next print run is still a while away.

The shirt with the most stock at the moment is our Grey Island short sleeve maternity T-shirt

 It’s available in sizes 8 through to 18 UK.

Plus it is also on special and a mega good price for such a quality maternity shirt

We do have 1 or 2 tops in our other designs and will be listing these over the next couple days . So first come first served 🙂

Celebrity breastfeeding

We met Justin Lee Collins…Good times

Totally forgot to tell you guys we met Justing Lee Collins when i had baby Erin.

It was such a bizarre experience it’s kinda like a hallucination because it’s something i wasn’t expecting at all , but i had literally just come out of theatre after having Erin by C-section and i was lying in recovery  when a lady with a clip board came in and said Justin Lee Collins was visiting the hospital (Southmead Hospital in Bristol) for a charity event and would like to meet new parents. Well Matt said yeah sure no worries, i was too busy being sick at the time (the pain killers they give you are mighty strong and made me feel VERY sick, not nice) to really say anything, but thought well i’ll just say hi and that would be it.

2 mins later all the lights blast on, the double doors fly open and in comes Justin but what they PR people failed to say was there were 5 photographers and 3 TV cameras…. yeah 3 TV cameras!!! We are talking proper TV jobbies here….

Well i must have gone into a state of shock because to say i wasn’t expecting that was an understatement , just imagine you;ve literally just had a c-section (30 mins before), can’t move, being sick continuously, sweaty, bum hanging out of the hospital gown, hair which looks like it has been drawn in the style of a OAPs man come over , catheter in , and to make things even worse the drip that was put in had gone a bit strange and was putting saline into my arm rather than the vein so i had a giant arm!!!! NICE…………..

I was gutted and felt like a rabbit in the headlights as less face it i couldn’t exactly get up and go anywhere at the time . As i was going into a state of shock Matt by my side (who was totally oblivious to my distress )went into I’m down the pub mode and started joking and laughing with Justin, i vaguely remember Matt saying to him ” what do you use on that mane timotei ” and Jusitn coming back with a witty remark, they were having a blast.

I must admit i don’t think JLC knew we had just literally had an operation, and he was such a fantastic guy, really really friendly and kind, just the type of guy you’d want to hang out with , maybe not just after a major operation though! He did say Erin was beautiful so hey the man has good taste 🙂

Shame the camera guys and photographers weren’t so nice, a one point one photographer said “mum, mum can you just move closer to dad” and that was met with a face like thunder and a mumble of “i’ve just had an operation i can’t move anything you plonker”.

So the pose leave the room and i resume vomiting again – Bad times   and i think of thats the end of that, what a strange experience , feels like a dream.

Later that day Matts phone suddenly start going crazy, texts and phone calls, thought wow all these people wanna say congratulations on having Erin how nice, ahh no turns out we were on our local news. They had run a quite long piece on Justin Lee Collins going to Southmead maternity unit to raise money for charity and there the 3 of us were , me Matt and baby Erin. i looked truly hideous, turns out all my woes about looking terrible were true and just to make things worse i hadn’t realised the angle i was lying on the bed made my 2 chins look like 5….. they say the camera adds pounds but thats just cruel…. Not what you want when you’ve just had a baby and you;re in body shock as it is.

Friends said it’s a shame i wasn’t wearing a Mama FeelsGood nursing tee…hey guys i’d just come out of theatre


Any way, Justin was lovely, and i have a lovely TV clip of baby Erin on the day she was born, not many can say that. I’m sure we will look back on it and laugh….

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing top sale – Music Sounds Better With You

Wow the weather has gone crazy this weekend in a good way and it;s well hot.

So now is time to get out and about (not forgetting the sun cream and sun covers for the little ones of course!) so to celebrate we have put our very summery Music SOunds better With you nursing T-shirt in pink  on sale for a VERY good price of £9.99.

Hey this hot weather won;t be around for ever and neither will our sale on this nursing top so grab yourself a little slice of funk now while you can. 

Check out our other funky nursing tops :

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Breastfeeding Tops

Metropolis short sleeve nursing top on sale this week

Seriously now is your chance to grab a fantastically funky nursing top and nearly 40% off. We are having a sale on our short sleeve metropolis nursing shirt in dark grey.

Great for the up coming summer (fingers crossed dudes!) our nursing tops really make you stand out from the rest . All our breastfeeding clothing is well good value for money without being shoddy quality, and the super pretty patterns even give your little ones something to look at whilst nursing! 

Breastfeeding Tops

Looking for Funky Kids Wallpaper?

After having my baby girl 5 weeks ago now i thought it’s about time i moved on with getting her nursery sorted, so i have been looking around for some funky childrens wallpaper. The easy option would be just to go to B&Q and pick some up there but (no offense B&Q) they just don;t do anything funky and original. On my travels of the web i’ve found this great company who do some really original fun wallpaper for kids (also do adult version) , hold your breath because it;s not cheap but it’s totally lush

Above is there Three Red Owl wall stickers

Their description :

Three Owls – Red

Item number: 2047-04
With our decorative WallStickers, it is easy to create a new look and change the style of a room in a matter of minutes.

Cut the sheet so you have each owl as a seperate stickers. This way you can place each piece just as you like and create your very own design.

Size: 50 x 50 cm 
Material: viny


I absolutely love this, but £34 a pop is a bit on the pricey side for me but i was thinking of splashing out and getting some for her room , so funky and i know what i am like with decorating…they will be there a long time!!

There are lots of UK companies selling their wallpaper and stickers, one on-line retailer is Lovers Lounge heres the link to the Owl wall stickers 

Above is  Ferms gorgeous butterflies wallpaper :

Soft lavender/purple butterflies ‘wallsmart’ paste the wall wallpaper by ferm living, would look gorgeous in a child’s bedroom.

Designed by Ferm Living this collection of decorative wallpapers have a significant expression. 
The wallpaper has a wide variety of potential applications and you can get unique effects regardless of whether you put up wallpaper on a single wall or an entire room.

WallSmart is a new generation of non-woven wallpaper that is easier and faster to hang. WallSmart is designed for easy hanging, and is more flexible than traditional 
non-woven quality wallpaper. 

When hanging the wallpaper, put the paste directly onto the wall and then hang the sections by butting the edges tightly together. 

It’s a statement piece and will add a beautiful touch to your home with the opulence it so rightly deserves.


Design repeat 53 cm
Width 53 cm
Length 10m
Quality 165 gr.dublex
Good light fastness

Again mega pricey at £57 per roll! But i guess it could be a feature wall rather than all over.


Breastfeeding Tops

Maternity / breastfeeding belly bands back in stock


Finally our new stock of maternity / breastfeeding belly bands have arrived and are available to buy in our web store .

These maternity bands are super great  for bridging the gap between your trousers and tops when pregnant and also a genius of an idea for when breastfeeding covering your tummy. They are great at keeping you all warm and toasty too, (please note these bands are NOT used as a supportive garment, just for covering your tummy only).

They come in black bands or white ones , we also sell in packs of 1 white 1 black too and are a really good cheaper investment for you maternity wardrobe. We carry sizes from a UK 8 through to UK 20.

Breastfeeding in the news

Volcanos & ash clouds – slight delay to deliveries of your nursing tops possibly

Hi guys 

well who would have thought a volcano in Iceland could have caused so much trouble!

Just a little heads up to all our foreign and Northern Ireland customers that there maybe the possibility of a delay in your nursing tops being delivered. We always use 1st class post but due to the grounding of the planes to some foreign countries and Northern Ireland there maybe a little back log in the postal deliveries. So when ordering if you could keep this in mind that would be fab 🙂


Hopefully soon things will be back to normal, 


Best wishes Liz