Celebrity breastfeeding

We met Justin Lee Collins…Good times

Totally forgot to tell you guys we met Justing Lee Collins when i had baby Erin.

It was such a bizarre experience it’s kinda like a hallucination because it’s something i wasn’t expecting at all , but i had literally just come out of theatre after having Erin by C-section and i was lying in recovery  when a lady with a clip board came in and said Justin Lee Collins was visiting the hospital (Southmead Hospital in Bristol) for a charity event and would like to meet new parents. Well Matt said yeah sure no worries, i was too busy being sick at the time (the pain killers they give you are mighty strong and made me feel VERY sick, not nice) to really say anything, but thought well i’ll just say hi and that would be it.

2 mins later all the lights blast on, the double doors fly open and in comes Justin but what they PR people failed to say was there were 5 photographers and 3 TV cameras…. yeah 3 TV cameras!!! We are talking proper TV jobbies here….

Well i must have gone into a state of shock because to say i wasn’t expecting that was an understatement , just imagine you;ve literally just had a c-section (30 mins before), can’t move, being sick continuously, sweaty, bum hanging out of the hospital gown, hair which looks like it has been drawn in the style of a OAPs man come over , catheter in , and to make things even worse the drip that was put in had gone a bit strange and was putting saline into my arm rather than the vein so i had a giant arm!!!! NICE…………..

I was gutted and felt like a rabbit in the headlights as less face it i couldn’t exactly get up and go anywhere at the time . As i was going into a state of shock Matt by my side (who was totally oblivious to my distress )went into I’m down the pub mode and started joking and laughing with Justin, i vaguely remember Matt saying to him ” what do you use on that mane timotei ” and Jusitn coming back with a witty remark, they were having a blast.

I must admit i don’t think JLC knew we had just literally had an operation, and he was such a fantastic guy, really really friendly and kind, just the type of guy you’d want to hang out with , maybe not just after a major operation though! He did say Erin was beautiful so hey the man has good taste 🙂

Shame the camera guys and photographers weren’t so nice, a one point one photographer said “mum, mum can you just move closer to dad” and that was met with a face like thunder and a mumble of “i’ve just had an operation i can’t move anything you plonker”.

So the pose leave the room and i resume vomiting again – Bad times   and i think of thats the end of that, what a strange experience , feels like a dream.

Later that day Matts phone suddenly start going crazy, texts and phone calls, thought wow all these people wanna say congratulations on having Erin how nice, ahh no turns out we were on our local news. They had run a quite long piece on Justin Lee Collins going to Southmead maternity unit to raise money for charity and there the 3 of us were , me Matt and baby Erin. i looked truly hideous, turns out all my woes about looking terrible were true and just to make things worse i hadn’t realised the angle i was lying on the bed made my 2 chins look like 5….. they say the camera adds pounds but thats just cruel…. Not what you want when you’ve just had a baby and you;re in body shock as it is.

Friends said it’s a shame i wasn’t wearing a Mama FeelsGood nursing tee…hey guys i’d just come out of theatre


Any way, Justin was lovely, and i have a lovely TV clip of baby Erin on the day she was born, not many can say that. I’m sure we will look back on it and laugh….


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