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Mama Feelsgood head quarters are on the move yipeee

I started Mama Feelsgood really 5 years ago when i had my first daughter and wanted something better out of life and really wanted t provide something better for all mums out there. I know having a baby is a real turning point in peoples lives and from literally nothing i built Mama Feelsgood (even though back then the company wasn’t called this) and now i am super chuffed to say we are hopefully moving to new premises.

It’s so exciting for us, i have dreamt about it for the last 2 nights how crazy is that! I’m kinda like a little girl on christmas eve, totally about to burst with excitment!!! I am taking Matt to come look over our potential new base on Friday as i really want his input but i have a very good vibe about things. We are as you know based in Bristol which is a really lovely place to live, lots of old buildings scattered around the place and thanks to my good mate Alison i got to hear about an old shoe factory that they were “doing up” and renting out for offices and storage, so i went to have a look on Monday and i really liked it. Has a really nice vibe about it and lots of funky young people are moving their business’s there and i’d like to move Mama Feelsgood there too.

It’s come to the time where i need bigger space for storage and desks etc and now is the time. We are just on the verge of placing an order for new designs in our nursing tops and also will be adding nursing dresses to our range so this will require more room for storage. Honestly we are super pleased with the reception our  breastfeeding T-shirts have received and want to add to our range of nursing clothing but still of course keep our individual style and keeping the price real and not over priced . Hey your on maternity leave so we appreciate you haven’t got £50 to spend on 1 nursing top

The more support we get the bigger our range can grow , so thanks ladies we really really love your support and wanna create a store for funky breastfeeding mums at a price you can afford.

Breastfeeding in the news

Lady Gives birth at Glastonbury festival…well nearly

OMG this heat we have been having has zapped me and i am not even pregnant (well not anymore , had Erin 11 weeks ago) so i can’t even imagine what it must be like to go to Glastonbury Festival when you are about to give birth literally…..

This article on Netmums recalls how a heavily pregnant mum went to the Glastonbury festival and went into labour there , went to local hospital the same day, had a baby boy and the next day went back to the festival….

I quote from netmums ” First-time mother Victoria Iremonger, 30, realised she was about to go into labour when she arrived at the festival site in Somerset on Wednesday.

She went to the Glastonbury medical tent where doctors confirmed that her waters had broken and she was ready to give birth.

Ms Iremonger wanted to have her baby at the festival site but medics insisted that an ambulance was called and she was taken to nearby Yeovil Hospital.

She eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Reuben, at 7.30pm on Thursday and then returned to the festival the next day.

Ms Iremonger, from Boston in Lincolnshire, said giving birth to her first child at Glastonbury was ‘amazing’.

Read more: 
Netmums – the local parenting network “


OMG have you seen the toilet at Glastonbury….. there is noway i would want to have my baby there. I know we are all different, wish i could have had my baby like that (not at Glastonbury) and got on with things, beats being in hospital for 3 days (had c section) , but man have  a baby at a music festival, i’m sure a lot are conceived there but not born.

Wish new mum and baby all the best, he is bound to grow up to be a true rocker 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Mama’s Melons nursing top – funky fun and certainly not frumpy

In a 1950’s kinda vibe our Mama’s Melons nursing tee is super laid back with a retro kick. 

I admit i am a lover of things Kitsch , i think it comes from watching Happy Days on a friday night when i was little and feeling happy myself! Good times 🙂

SO the melons nursing top just really reflects one style that i am into. I was thinking about creating a 1950’s inspired nursing dress , you know all big puffed out skirt and cutie heart shaped neckline but i don’t think lots of people would feel the love for that one the way i would! So lets just say that idea has been put on the back burner!

If you did fancy one of our Mama’s nursing shirts  we carry then in store in long sleeve Grey or Black and also in short sleeve Pink which would be great for the summer or sleek black 

Just think our nursing tops bring a bit of originality to your breastfeeding wardrobe and help make you feel good 🙂


Planes, trains and nursing tops!

My gggawwd what a hassle it is just trying to send something in the post; it’s official i have become obsessed with tracking my parcel on-line that i have sent to our manufacturers. It’s basically our sample designs for future Mama Feelsgood nursing clothing , so sketches ,swatches, technical measurements etc things that would be nice to get there in 1 piece. So far a “delivery withn 3 working days” has turned out to be a 7 working day drama and things still aren’t looking good.


First it started with a train problem…. so parcel delayed leaving Bristol, now parcel is in Limbo on a plane which i quote “has mechanical problem” arrrhhhhh why my parcel ha ha. All i can say is i hope its only mail and no passengers on that plane because it’s been stuck in Warsaw airport for like 2 days now.

UPS have always been great, John My local delivery guy knows my kids names now and he has always been lush, plus i love their big brown vans kinda retro cute ( my aim one day is to ride one but might have to get job with UPS for that because don’t think John would let me loose on his!) but things have gone tits up with this delivery. It’s always a really exciting part of clothes design to see your ideas turned into reality, getting samples back & fine tuning them etc , great before the painful bit of paying for all stock comes (honestly things getting dearer all the time). So to start off with a delay is not surprising but a bit of a bummer. Will keep you informed of developments 🙂 

Mama Feelsgood, making nursing mums feelgood.

breastfeeding help

Join Gabrielle Palmer, the author of The Politics of Breastfeeding, for a live chat on Tuesday 22 June at 2.30pm

I found this on the Gaurdian website, it is for today Tuesday 22nd June

Gabrielle Palmer, the author of The Politics of Breastfeeding, will be online at 2.30pm on Tuesday 22 June to answer your questions

Gabrielle is a nutritionist and a campaigner. She was a breastfeeding counsellor in the 1970s and helped establish the UK pressure group Baby Milk Action. In the early 1980s she lived and worked as a volunteer in Mozambique. She has written, taught and campaigned on infant feeding issues, particularly the unethical marketing of baby foods.

In the 1990s she co-directed the International Breastfeeding: Practice and Policy course at The Institute of Child Health in London until she went to live in China for two years. She has worked independently for various health and development agencies, including serving as HIV and Infant Feeding Officer for Unicef New York. She recently worked at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she had originally studied nutrition. Gabrielle has now retired from campaigning – you can read her open retirement letter here.

The third edition of her groundbreaking book, The Politics of Breastfeeding, is published by Pinter & Martin.

Post your questions on the personal, political and social aspects of breastfeeding below, then join Gabrielle on Tuesday for a live discussion.

Breastfeeding Tops

A Seriously good underwire nursing bra for ladies blessed with big boobies!

Let me just say i am writing this from personal experience and i’m not paid to write this or my best mate does not run the company! Unlike lots of other blogs or website reviews i am writing this because this product totally rocks and it’s so nice to find a product that makes you feel good! I have been blessed with big boobies i can’t complain they have their advantages!! But it;s really hard especially when you are breastfeeding to find a good supportive bra that doesn’t either squash your melons down like pancakes and they end up under your armpits or provide no support at all and you start to resemble your nan! So when i found the Elomi under wired nursing bra it was a wonderful. i was looking through Ebay and found one for sale, got to admit 2nd hand bras don’t appeal to me so got onto google and found the nursing bra on Figleaves here it is Bra.

It is SO comfortable and really does provide an uplifting affect too. Easy to use when you want to nurse, and i might even continue wearing it when i stop nursing , there that proves how good it must be! They also do “normal” bras for the bigger busted ladies and i’ve already bought myself 2 of those too, it’s so nice when you find a product that is really good and makes you feel good. Also i gotta say they look good under our nursing tops too 🙂

If you ever find any products like these that have made a difference to your world then email and we can spread the word!



Breastfeeding Tops

Win a boppy feeding pillow at Ask Mum – celebrate national breastfeeding awareness week

To celebrate National breastfeeding awareness week our friends over at Ask A Mum are putting on some cool competitions. Current one is to win a boppy feeding pillow (nearly wrote booby feeding pillow!!) so if this is your type of thing get you butts over there and check it out: 

he award-winning hug-shaped Boppy pillow is a must-have for new mums.

To celebrate National Breastfeeding Awareness Week (21st – 27th June) Boppy are offering five lucky readers the chance of winning one of their award-winning Boppy feeding and nursing pillows, each worth £49.99.

Voted the number one baby product in the US for the last seven years, the Boppy pillow creates an ergonomic ‘nest’ shape, which embraces and cuddles baby making them feel safe and protected and helps aid the feeding process. The “Miracle Middle” adapts to the shape of each and every mum, guaranteeing a snug and secure fit. 

Boppy breastfeeding support pillow                   Boppy breastfeeding support pillow                      Boppy breastfeeding support pillow

The exclusive fibre padding used in each pillow means it keeps it shape and is incredibly supportive and comfortable. The Boppy pillow is simple to use, practical and designed to promote bonding between mum and baby. The pillows and slipcovers are machine washable at 30˚and can also be machine dried meaning the pillow can be used time and time again; hygienically and without losing its shape. 

maternit clothing

The Halo – pregnancy airbed with a hole !

I found this product about 3 months too late ! Could have done with one of these when i was pregnant with baby Erin, i could never get comfy when pregnancy especially in the later stages so maybe The Halo might of helped. 

Not that i constantly when swimming or anything!!

But just to use veggign out at home would have been cool.

Their blog says you can use it for lying on whilst on the beach or for at home, apparently it;s fab to use to lie down on to get a back rub… there you go ladies get your chaps to buy one for you and then they can rub your back 🙂


If anyone has tried one would love to hear your comments.

Breastfeeding in the news

How are you celebrating breastfeeding awareness week next week?

Maybe you did or didn’t know but it;s breastfeeding awareness week next week and lots of local NCT groups and other breastfeeding orgaisations have things in store to celebrate this.

Since  1993,  the National Breastfeeding Awareness Week (NBAW) has been run annually by the Department of Health as a key event for  promoting  breastfeeding.  The  main  aim  of the campaign is to raise  awareness of the health benefits of breastfeeding, increase  social  acceptance  of  breastfeeding  and  promote  support  for  breastfeeding. 

Berkshire NCT class are running a pass the parcel game to celebrate and Mama Feelsgood is going to donate a top to this , also bosom buddies the mid essex breastfeeding support group are having a raffle and we have donated a nursing top to this , so if you are in either of  these areas go check the groups out and see what ‘s going on, would be cool to meet other mums and make friends. Making friends at such a special time in your and your babies life can often result in friends for life.


Let us know what is going on in your local are for breastfeeding awareness week and we will spread the word 🙂

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Mama FeelsGood needs YOur VOTE :)

Please please please could you vote for Mama FeelsGood pleeeese?

There is a new website which ranks all T-shirts websites out there in cyber space and which ever gets the more votes gets higher on the list and not knocked off, so hey we are doing it for all the ladies out there please it would be super lush to get a vote 🙂

Here’s the link

It’s a pretty cool site because if like us you love T-shirts it gives you a really long list of some of the coolest shirt sites out there ( gotta say we are big fans of Seibei ourselves ). WOrth checking it out even if you dont want to vote.

Thanks guys 🙂

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