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Supplying our maternity tees for celebrity photoshoot

It’s all quite exciting, end part of last week we had a fabulous email from a London Stylist who would like her client to have some of our maternity tees for a photoshoot she’s doing later in the week. Yeah a celebrity client woo hoo. Can’t say too much because as fabulous as our maternity T-shirts are they might not get chosen for the magazine picture.

I’ve got to admit it’s all a bit new to me so after i got the email i couldn’t sleep i was mega excited then sunday night i watched The City on MTV and saw Olivia was getting clothes together for a photoshoot for Kesha ( you know the singer who sang the song Tick Tok)

Careful this song is very catchy warning warning you’ll be singing it all day!

Anyways Olivia from The City had approached all the designers and companies for freebies for the Elle photoshoot and the celeb came in and picked 3 things from like a whole table of stuff. So this kinda kept it real for me. I would be SO chuffed if they are used so i guess i will have to wait and see. But it did help that a friend of mine is a stylist for 2 well known celebs and he have me lots of advice so that was real cool. So next time when Angelina comes a knocking i’ll know what to do !!

We’ll let you know how things pan out.

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Cupcake – tastic , My kinda heaven cupcakes dresses

The cupcake is apparently making a big comeback and is now “in fashion” well in my household i can tell ya it never went out of fashion! Yum yum, it’s hard to beat a`quality cupcake and a nice brew!

So in the spirt of all things cupcake i have found some gems not only for you mama’s but you children as well.

First up is this absolute gem of a baby girls dress from a lovely website All About The Boys

Bespoke Cupcake dress

These little beauties are 100% cotton and totally hand made to a really high standard. Hey i’d wanna eat my baby Erin up if she was wearing this! So many cakes to choose from ha ha. But seriously this Cupcake dress is a good investment great for this current summer but can also be worn in the winter months & beyond because it has no arms it can turn from a dress into a top. Lots of Amelia’s dresses she now wears as a top, just pop some legging on underneath and way hey you’ve got yourself a new outfit. OK i know it’s not rocket science but it’s cool to make a such lovely dress last longer.

Cute close up on buttons

Going off the cupcake theme but i couldn’t help myself All About The Boys also carries Ralph Lauren babies clothes , i thought they were a lot more expensive than this (that’s one benefit from buying from a quality independent store, you get much better deals sometimes) , this little pink number with matching pants is mega cute

Ralph Lauren



If you are feeling rather lazy or aren’t blessed with the skills of nigella then try this cupcake site out, yes thats right a website that sells cupcakes and they DELiver…. OMG. Though Krispy Kreme doughnut delivery was cool but cupcake one too, i’ll never leave the house, well if i carried on eating all these cakes my butt wouldn’t make it out the door!!!!

They are from a website called Classic Cupcakes they look super lush so might have to order sometime and let you know how they taste..


Hey guys, welcome to my world

ok so i thought i would start an independent blog from my website just to kinda express whats’s going on in my life as oppose to my business. ALthough the two are kinda the same at the moment because i love what i do and Mama Feelsgood affects every part of my life and my family’s life.  Amelia my eldest daughter says she want to be like me when she grows up and sell T-shirts which help ladies! Really sweet i thought although her teachers at school must wonder what the heck she is going on about!

So this week for me has been quite an emotional one, Amelia completed her first year at school, she didn’t seem that fussed about moving up a year but myself along with some other mums are a little sad as her first ever teacher Mrs Cartmell was truly lush and i know Amelia will miss her when she goes back to school;  i don;t think it’s really sunk in that she’s moving class. But Mrs Cartmell we will miss you.

Second big even which is truly fabulous is one of our nursing shirts the Island pink short sleeve tee was featured in the big magazine Pregnancy & Birth . It was one of 8 shirts reviewed by readers of the magazine and then rated, we did really really well and got a P&B love symbol , which means it’s one of the magazine favourite breastfeeding tops. I picked the magazine up in Tesco and was literally jumping with excitment when i saw our nursing shirt in there. It was made even better as the magazine independently approached us and we didn’t ask them. I am so chuffed. Picture which we supplied is lovely too.

Then the 3rd bit of big news is we have been approached by a celebrity stylist to supply 2 of our maternity shirts for a photo shoot for a current pregnant celeb.

They have asked for the Long sleeve Lips maternity shirt

and our horses black maternity tee

Blimey i said i wasn’t going to talk about work and thats all i’ve done! Apologies it;s been an exciting week so i just needed to get it out my system !!!

Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Win Our pink Island nursing top in Pregnancy & Birth magazine

We are super pleased to say Pregnancy & Birth magazine have featured our Island nursing top in the August edition of their magazine. It was in a review of the best nursing tops around and our breast feeding top got a Pregnancy & Birth love woo hoo, ie it was one of their favourites out of the 8 tops. I will scan the article in but if you want to check it out it is on page 90 of this current edition.

So they running a competition where they are giving away everything featured in the magazine ( well not sure if absolutely everything but loads of stuff) so why not enter, you can win tons of stuff for you and your baby and of course could pick up a Mama Feelsgood nursing shirt 🙂

Check out our Nursing Top page 90 !

Happy days!

Breastfeeding Tops

Free Breastpads – if would like some with your order just let us know

Hi guys, we have lots of free breast pads to give away with your orders if you want them and they are for FREE !

They are the disposable type and they have sticky bit on the back to keep them in place.

We bought them a while back for a promotion ( plus i have been using them too, i had my baby 15 weeks ago now and they are very handy) and have a few boxes worth of them, so if you would like a few popped in for free with your nursing shirt order no worries. Just send us an email on help@mamafeelsgood.com  or via the enquiry page on our site stating your order number and we can hook you up with some freebies.

breastfeeding help

Kellymom – great website for help with breastfeeding

I don’t think there will be many mums which breast feed that at 1 time or another don’t have a question they need answering about breastfeeding . 1 great website that can help ( to compliment your own midwife or health visitor) is the American site Kellymom , its a well established site with lots of advice on many different topics to do with breasfeeding , feeding your toddler and things like parental depression etc.

It’s really cool to be able to click on a site when you need it and get some good advice, ie when you are up in the early hours you can click on (if you have your hands free!) and get immediate advice.

There is also a forum on there but i have no idea of what it’s like but they have over 18000 facebook friends so they are pretty popular!

Check it out and see if can help you:)

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Krispy Kreme doughnuts coming to Bristol soon !

OK so i have a fascination with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, i think it’s probably because i have never had one and they look so nice! Plus i have totally bought into all the retro marketing, i am a sucker for anything 1950’s and their website is SO 1950’s it makes me wonder what their stores are like.

So on the 20th July Krispy Kreme are opening a new store in Bristol – Hotlight Store
Avon Meads Retail Park
St Philips Causeway, Bristol

And they will be opening at 7am on their first day! Apparently they have a drive through any everyhting !!! ha ah OMG drive through doughnuts i can feel my butt getting bigger as we speak, this is the maximum of laziness although i suppose not because on their website Krispy say they delivery woo hoo, can you imagine waking up to fresh doughnuts delivered????

So as i have never had one before i was looking through the menu and thinking which one would be the best to have

Ohh which one?

i love cinnamon so maybe the cinnamon apple filled looks lush, but the chocolate one is lush too, hey no worries they do them by the dozen ha ha.

I can feel my slimming world consultant sigh at me already, but maybe just one to try????

Whats your favourite type?

Breastfeeding Tops

Funky Ray Gun short sleeve breastfeeding top now on sale

Light Grey Ray Gun nursing T-shirt

This funky nursing T-shirt was inspired from the 1950’s style B movies, have you ever seen one? They make me crack up, ok so it was the 1950’s and the special affects weren’t up to much but the story lines 🙂

The attack of the 50ft woman is genius , can you imagine that a 50ft woman, yeah girl power!!

I love the font types and the retro feel of the 1950’s, there was some really cool things going down around that time, although i do associate a lot of it with the American 1950’s ie Happy Days and milkshakes etc. I was lucky enough to go around california in my 20’s and went into a Rubys diner in Palm Springs (they have the train tracks running around the top of the walls in there, it;s well cool) and that is very 1950’s inspired diner. I think we should have more things like that here in the UK, would make things a lot more cheerful i think.

So back to our Ray Gun nursing tee , i got the idea for the graphic print from B movies which got me thinking about a really lush Foo fighters poster i have framed on my wall in my hall, it’s from one of their tours in 1997

i gotta laugh because my daughter says i look like the lady in the picture, if you point to it and says who’s this she says mum , all i can say is i haven’t trained her to say this but blimey i wish it were true!! ha ha

So there is the inspiration for our Ray gun nursing  shirts. They are quite a complicated design , and look even better close up, like i said the Mama Feelsgood font is very 1950’s comic book book style.

Currently we have 3 of out Ray guns tee on sale which can be found in our nursing sale section on our website , our long sleeve pink nursing top .

Ray Gun nursing Tee long sleeve pink

Our Pink short sleeved Ray gun  breastfeding top

Short Sleeve ray gun nursing top

It’s fun to be funky & different 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend, Liz

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Time for your baby to change from a moses basket to a cot?

Yeap this time has arrived already for my baby Erin to say bye bye to her moses basket and hola to her cot, she was in her moses basket on the stand right next to the bed but to my horror night before last she tried to do her best impression of a leaping salmon and nearly launched herself out of the basket ; so time for a change. She’s only 14 weeks old but mega long ( we are talking over the 90th centile) so she’s out grown her basket anyway so night before last we put her in her cot. 

We were so naive, thought just putting her in her cot in her growbag things would be cool, she have more space to stretch , happy days! She went down fine, but around 2am she must have woken up properly (she normally has a feed around this time anyway) and thought what the heck is going on, where my basket and what is all this space , arrhhhh. Yeah night from hell then happened, she wouldn’t go back down anywhere apart from with me cuddling her, so in the early hours after ages of being up with her the smell of  desperation is in the air, you know the feeling,  basically if someone said that tap dancing naked would get her to sleep you’d be looking for your shoes; i let her sleep with me cuddling her and hence i didn’t sleep.

Anyways what i was getting to is we made a bit of a boob by just plonking her in her cot and thinking things would be cool, so last night after some very good advice from a mum at Amelias school we put Erin in her moses basket but in the cot and yeah she slept. Thank you thank you 🙂 Looks like it’s gonna take a little bit longer for the progression into the cot alone but we are half way there; and no possibility of her leaping out of her cot.

SO you probably know this but if you are as naive as me  putting the moses basket in the cot is a great transitional stage , try it see if your little one likes it too. Although the rate Erin is growing she will be hanging her little feet over the end before long!

Any other tips about babies sleeping is always appreciated 🙂