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Why Denise VAn Outen is giving up breastfeeding

It’s a hard job being a mother and it must be a hard job being a new mother and having the press taking pictures of your every move, OMG i dread to think if i were “famous” the press would have had a field day taking pictures of me looking crappy.  I along with many other women have been guilty of going out with baby vomit in my hair when i thought i’d washed it all out, and milk stains on my top which i had been wearing for about 2 days because i just haven’t had the time to put a load of washing on (my daughter is now 14 weeks old so things are getting better, although you may notice i am writing this entry at 3 in the morning because she’s been up crying for 2 hours and only just been put back down!) and i own a breastfeeding clothing company!! If anyone should have tons of clothes right now it should be me!

So back to DVO, basically she has stated the reason she has given up breastfeeding her daughter is because she doesn’t want to get papped (ie photographed) breastfeeding her daughter, and does not want her boobies to be splashed across the papers. I do get where she is coming from, there are some really scanky newspapers out there which act like immature boys and who would in a heart beat publish a picture like this. Ooh boobies , nevermind the fact that it’s a personal thing between miss Van Outen and her baby they would just invade her privicy. But we all know that breastfeeding is really beneficial so all i would say to Denise is , dude it;s your choice just like it’s every womens choice to breastfeed but if you did want to reconsider there are ways you can breastfeed in public without showing the world what you’ve got. IE Mama Feelsgood nursing tops 🙂 

Also ladies you could always express into a bottle for when on the move (surely a person can’t be out all the time , so it would be only the occasional feed during the day) if you are concerned about things. If you want to breastfeed your baby don;t let other peoples narrow minded opinions put you off. Once you get the hang of breastfeeding in public you’ll be wapping them out everywhere (with the assistance of our Mama Feelsgood breatsfeeding tops of course!)

What do you guys think about Miss Van Outen decision ?

Here is an article from The Daily Mail i found on this:

here are many reasons that new mothers might opt out of breastfeeding. 

Some find it too painful, some find it too difficult. Denise Van Outen, on the other hand, simply found it too public. 

The 36-year-old actress said she gave up breastfeeding her daughter Betsy after less than a month, claiming she didn’t like the idea of being spotted nursing in Starbucks. Or, heaven forbid, the Post Office.

probably should have persevered a bit longer than three weeks,’ she said in her first interview since her daughter’s arrival in May. 

‘But I can’t be sitting in Starbucks and breastfeeding, because they [photographers] are taking pictures. 

‘Another time, I was at the back of a really long queue at the Post Office to get Betsy a passport, knowing that in the next half hour she was going to wake up and cry, wanting a feed

‘And, sure enough, when I got to the front, that’s exactly what she did. And I felt so conscious of the pressures of everybody looking, tutting and waiting to see how I dealt with the situation because they knew my face.

Miss Van Outen, who is married to West End actor Lee Mead, explained that self-consciousness wasn’t the only reason for her decision to choose the bottle for Betsy. 

‘I wasn’t producing enough milk and Lee wanted to be able to feed her,’ she told She magazine
Denise Van Outen for SHE Magazine.

Denise appears in the August issue of SHE, on sale Saturday


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