Hey guys, welcome to my world

ok so i thought i would start an independent blog from my website just to kinda express whats’s going on in my life as oppose to my business. ALthough the two are kinda the same at the moment because i love what i do and Mama Feelsgood affects every part of my life and my family’s life.  Amelia my eldest daughter says she want to be like me when she grows up and sell T-shirts which help ladies! Really sweet i thought although her teachers at school must wonder what the heck she is going on about!

So this week for me has been quite an emotional one, Amelia completed her first year at school, she didn’t seem that fussed about moving up a year but myself along with some other mums are a little sad as her first ever teacher Mrs Cartmell was truly lush and i know Amelia will miss her when she goes back to school;  i don;t think it’s really sunk in that she’s moving class. But Mrs Cartmell we will miss you.

Second big even which is truly fabulous is one of our nursing shirts the Island pink short sleeve tee was featured in the big magazine Pregnancy & Birth . It was one of 8 shirts reviewed by readers of the magazine and then rated, we did really really well and got a P&B love symbol , which means it’s one of the magazine favourite breastfeeding tops. I picked the magazine up in Tesco and was literally jumping with excitment when i saw our nursing shirt in there. It was made even better as the magazine independently approached us and we didn’t ask them. I am so chuffed. Picture which we supplied is lovely too.

Then the 3rd bit of big news is we have been approached by a celebrity stylist to supply 2 of our maternity shirts for a photo shoot for a current pregnant celeb.

They have asked for the Long sleeve Lips maternity shirt

and our horses black maternity tee

Blimey i said i wasn’t going to talk about work and thats all i’ve done! Apologies it;s been an exciting week so i just needed to get it out my system !!!


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