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Sizing for our nursing T-shirts

Hi Guys

We have a size chart on our website for our breastfeeding clothing but thought this might help top make things a little easier ,

Here are the chest and waist measurements for our Breast feeding T-shirts:

Chest in cm around: XS = 76  , S= 79,  M= 84,  L= 89  XL= 94 XXL= 99

Waist in cm all around = XS= 57  S= 60 , M= 65, L= 70,  XL= 74 XXL= 80

If you would like any other measurements to help you make the choice of which size to go for just email us or send an enquiry through our website .

All our nursing T-shirts are quite fitted so if you feel you would like a bagger fit then go 1 size up.

We will be bringing in a new range of breastfeeding clothing soon which will included other breast feeding clothes rather than purely nursing T-shirts ( keeping you guys in suspense a little longer , 🙂 ) and these will run form the same size guide. Of course dependent upon design they will look and maybe fit a little different, also they will be made from different fabric which has a little more stretch in them so will be more forgiving to your post baby figure. Hope this sounds good 🙂

Take care, Liz

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Breastfeeding in public – why the big debate?

I spotted today this article on the Guardian website today about Hooter Hiders , they are breastfeeding covers for nursing your baby in public ( BTW thanks to the lady who posted a comment recomending our breastfeeding tops 🙂  ) .

I just don’t get why they would be such a big issue about them? OK so if i am being honest they are not my cup of tea, and i know i am one of the most forgetful people never so i would go out and forget them but hey if ladies want to wear them then just wear them, anything which makes your breastfeeding experience better can only be a good thing? There is SO much pressure on ladies on how they should be feeding their babies ie breast Vs bottle i don’t think we need extra stress about what we wear whilst we do it.

Ok i sell nursing tops so you could say i am biased but i created Mama Feelsgood to provide an option for women who want a choice of maternity wear / nursing wear i’m not saying you Got to wear them, breastfeeding tops are like chocolate, you can live without it but it makes your life that little bit better ( ha ha well i suppose that depends upon if you like chocolate or not!).

i don’t know if it is the culture we live in here in the UK but people love to judge others and give their options, maybe it’s because shows such as the X Factor are popular where basically they have celebrities passing judgement on others we think it;s acceptable to do this in everyday life. If a lady likes to / feels more comfortable wearing a Hooter Hider or breastfeeding top then whats the problem?

What do you think?

Breastfeeding Tops

Blimey it’s cold outside! Don’t panic we have Long sleeve breast feeding tops too!

Have i missed something and we have been transported into October? This August weather is crazy, here in Mama Feelsgood hub (ie Bristol!) one minute it’s really close and sweaty weather and then today it’s raining and the heating has had to go on! As a UK brand it makes things really crazy when trying to produce a new breastfeeding clothing range as our weather is getting so unpredictable, so do we make short sleeve nursing dresses or long sleeve breast feeding tops ? Maybe we should do 3/4 length sleeves and then be suitable for both ?

At the moment i am really into watching the programme Dexter, just finished watching Season 1 ( yeah i am late to catch onto this programme , but trying to make up for it) for those who haven’t seen it, it’s based in Miami and it always looks hot there. Got me thinking of wow what would it be like to live somewhere where the climate was pretty constant all year round . Here it’s just so up and down all the time but somewhere like Miami you could just have 1 wardrobe for the whole year. Please correct me if i am being dense as maybe Miami isn’t so hot all the time . But that would make my life SO much easier. Our nursing tops could be all shorter sleeved, breast feeding vests could be made etc.

What’s your opinions, do you think many people would wear nursing vests to breast feed in, i personally only wouldwear a breastfeeding vest to bed and not everyday but i know a lot of people are very different from me. Also breastfeeding pyjamas and bedwear whould you wear a pair of nursing pyjama’s? I’ve got a small baby and i honestly just wear a T-shirt to bed, i’m not too fussed about what i look like breastfeeding late at night but what about you?

We are trying to build up a nice collection of breast feeding clothing that suits our customers needs, what is it you are looking for? What would make your life as a breast feeding mum easier from an apparel point of view?

Our breast feeding T-shirts are really funky and we think lush but we want to expand our range and need feedback to provide the best we can, you along with the need for a variation of different style of nursing clothes ie because of our changing season here in the UK what else should we be doing?

Breastfeeding Tops

Catch our review of our breastfeeding tops on Play Pennies website

If you didn’t know Play Pennies is a UK blog for money-conscious parents; and they kindly reviewed one of our breastfeeding T-shirts .

We are super chuffed with the great review, always nice to know someone likes your products and they totally got our ethos here at Mama FeelsGood that we are bringing something new to the breast feeding clothing market.  They totally digged our Music Sounds Better nursing top & our Island black nursing tee rocked too 🙂

We’ve honestly worked so hard to bring these nursing shirts to you guys that it is nice to get some positive reinforcement. I recently had a really great email from one of our customers who said to “keep doing what we’re doing, as we rock” and that meant so much to us.

One thing we will say which the review picked up on as mentioned in our descriptions for our breast feeding T-shirts that they are quite fitted, so if the fitted look doesn’t suit your shape and the baggy fit is more your thing then go 1 size up. We are currently working on different styles of nursing tops which are a totally different style from our breast feeding t-shirts and will maybe appeal to ladies who like their nursing clothing a bit more on the loose side. Fingers crossed the first samples should be with us any day so they won’t be that far off from going into production. We’ll let you know how things are going with these.

But guys at Play Pennies thanks dudes 🙂 You rock too.

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Pregnancy & Birth Loves our Breastfeeding Tops

It’s offical Pregnancy & Birth Magazine love our Island nursing top 🙂

We were featured in the August 2010 edition of Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

Our breastfeeding top got a special P&B loves on it too (see the article  below, will make more sense!). We are SO chuffed, as a new independent store to have our nursing shirts reviewed up against the “Big boys” and do really well ( ok we are gonna blow our own trumpet on this one, we did Better than the big ones) is so cool. Kinda acts as a big reward and pushes us on to produce even better nursing clothing for you guys.

Another thing which makes this even better is Pregnancy & Birth magazine approached us and not the other way around, so they can spot a good nursing  top when then see one 🙂

Our review came out really well, it was found to be easy to use for breastfeeding, longer in length which makes it perfect to wear with jeans, and they said it was funky woo hoo !

All our nursing tops are available on our website , and later this year we will be adding to our breastfeeding clothing range with nursing dresses and more styles of breastfeeding tops, so keep your eyes peeled it’s going to be a very exciting year for us .

I admit it’s not the best scan in the world, the colour of our Island nursing top is a little off, in real life the pink is brighter than this, but hey when you read the reviews of all the shirts we did really well , we’re well chuffed.

Breastfeeding Tops

Ray Gun Pink breastfeeding tops on sale and going fast

We’ve had our Ray Gun Pink Long sleeve breastfeeding top on sale for a few weeks now and just wanted to give you guys the heads up as to what sizes we have left.

They have been really popular (hey they are an amazingly good price) and we have totally sold out of sizes Large (14) and Medium (12) , there are very few xxl (18) left, and size smalls are getting very low too so basically you will have to get in quick before they all go. Once this graphic nursing tee design is sold it won’t be printed again, so i suppose you can say this nursing top is limited edition.

Check out our other sale bargain breastfeeding tops here we have some super good deals .

Breastfeeding Tops

Our Black Island Breastfeeding tops will be back in stock soon

We are SO sorry for the wait for our Black long sleeve nursing tops in our Island graphic print in the smaller sizes, they are being re-printed this week so the wait shouldn’t be too much longer.

There has been tons going on here in the past couple of months and we gotta admit getting the nursing shirts re printed just got pushed to the back of the que. But we are on the case, we’ve had quite a few emails now concerning these particular nursing tops and we can’t  put off you requests any longer!

Just so you know we also do our Island graphic print in long sleeve dark grey breastfeeding tops too and short sleeve dark grey, pink and black nursing tees