Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Did you see the Nursing mum makeover on This Morning?

I admit i don’t normally watch This Morning, i’m usually bombing around a thousand miles an hour chasing your nursing tops for your orders or trying to pull things out of baby Erins mouth (she’s nearly 6 months now and EVERYTHING is going in he mouth arrhhh!) so when i got the whisper there was going to be a make over dedicated to a mum who breastfeeds i was intrigued to see what they came up with.

I’m so sorry but the lady’s name escapes me at the moment but she looked so lovely after the make over ( not saying she looked hanging before because she defo didn’t) but i can;t help thinking is it really possible to look like that everyday? Her hair was beautifully blow dried etc and her make up was lovely. If i tried that Erin would have ripped half my hair out ( as well as the mouth thing she adores to pull hair) so i generally have to scrapped back ( not quite a coventry facelift but nearly!) and i’m just too tired to put on the full make up. Am i alone in this ? Please say i’m not ha ha.

Anyways back to the makeover, they choose some lovely jeans from Dorothy Perkins for her to wear but i must admit i was a little dissapointed with the top they chose , it;s not the fact that it wasn’t a nursing top but they picked a silk one. Don’t know about you but i drop of milk goes a long way on fabric and on silk it would only take a little spillage and i’d have a mooosive wet patch .

Ok maybe i’m not being objective, after all i do sell nursing tops!

Did you see the feature, what did you think?

Our friends from Mama Scarf were approached to provide a nursing scarf, such a shame it wasn’t featured as they are really handy for breastfeeding in public.


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