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Check our Facebook page out – get the 1st heads up on special offers etc

Check us out Mama Feelsgood has a fan page on facebook woooo hooo.

I admit i am partial to rambling on about vague things totally not associated with Breastfeeding tops or clothing etc so please have patience with me (anyone who follows us on Twitter will know i tweet a load of rubbish & god help you if you are reading when X factor is on because i just cant hold back the tweets!, i mean what is it with Mafia girl & HUGE fake eyelashes? )

So i was thinking facebook is such a good way to interact with you guys, i’m going to be posting a few special offers, give aways etc on their for fans of Mama Feelsgood.

Today it’s your chance to get a top for free, we have some faulty nursing tops, various sizes & colours with various faults (ranging from tops with marker pen marks on done in manufacturing, to returned tops we think might have been worn & washed). We will of course let you know the fault and u can choose if u still want it.

So if you are interested just leave a comment on our facebook page & we will get back to to you.

Have a fab weekend, Liz


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