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The Apprentice Baby grow – baby glow

So did you see The Apprentice last night? I gotta say i watch every series and i’m sure they get dafter ever year! Although they are well entertaining, personally i think Melissa’s time was up and it was a bit of a no brainer for Lord Sugar, but she defo gave us some entertaining times when she was there, especially with all thosae crazy words she used!

So the programme showcased a new baby grow that changed colour when your babies temperature rose beyond a certain point, i’ve done a bit of searching and the product is called bay grow and is available for purchase here,

o here is their blurb from their website:


The human average body temperature varies from 36.5 to 37.5. It is regulated by a well balanced and intelligent system that our bodies operate continuously.

Babies however cannot regulate their body temperature independently until after they are about 24 months old.

This causes them to frequently develop a fever, which means that their body temperature rises. These fevers are often due to viral infections that will come and go again, but occasionally a fever can be a sign of a more serious illness.

Why and how does the body develop a fever?

When the body detects infection or something it cannot identify, such as a virus, it produces a reaction affecting the heat-regulating centre of the brain called the hypothalamus. Several reactions in the body then purposely increase the body temperature to higher levels in an attempt to kill the infection. This is why in the case of illness the body raises its temperature. As fever can also become dangerous itself, the general consensus in the medical world is to attempt to lower the temperature back to normal levels.

BABYGLOW products are designed to start changing colour when the temperature of the body rises over 37°C and they are fully functional (white in area’s that touch the baby) when the temperature reaches 38.5°C, which is where fever can become dangerous to the child.

This unique functionality will help parents to see signs of fever or overheating immediately, even before the child becomes noticeably ill.

For further details about babies and temperature we recommend reading the relevant sections on www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk for authoritative informa

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We have a winer for our breast feeding top competition

Thanks so much for all your entries to our breastfeeding top competition we held on Facebook.

Louise Thompson was the lucky winner , she was one of a few who had the correct answer of 33 stars are on our Grey Lips nursing T-shirt

Lips Nursing T-shirt

So Louise as her prize had the choice of any of the breastfeeding tops we sell.

Personally  i love Facebook, it gives us a really cool way to interact with you guys and it can also bring you together with other new mums and you can pick up some wicked tips about breastfeeding and general life as a mum. As a new mum myself (well Erin is 6 months now and Amelia is 5 years so) i’m finding new and funky things all the time in realation to all things baby! And i plan to share some of my finds with you guys via facebook etc.

If you have something you’d like to share then either leave a comment here or on our facebook page.

Take care, Liz

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Win Any nursing top we stock – fab breastfeeding top competition

IT’s our 2 year birthday next week so we are celebrating and doing a competition to win one of  our nursing shirts. If you are the winner you can pick from ANY shirt we have ( as long as it;s stock) and it;s yours.

So you can enter via our facebook page or leave a comment below and we will enter you in the draw.

Question is How many stars are on our Lips graphic print  breastfeeding top?

This competition closes on Monday the 25th October.

Good luck dudes

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

We have a winner for our Facebook breastfeeding top competition.

Elizabeth Morgan you are a winner !

Congratulations Elizabeth if you could email or ring us to tell us your address and which size Lips nursing shirt you would like that would be great. Contact details are on our website ( we get mega spammed if we put them here).

So if you missed out on winning one of our nursing tops this time then don’t worry there will be loads of other chances to win one and lots of other fab goodies as we have lots of competitions in store.

It is our 2nd birthday next monday so will be running another facebook competition starting this Friday and finishing next monday, so keep your eyes peeled. Don;t worry if you don;t have a facebook account as we do accept entries via our blog here and promise to enter all the names into the hat just as we did for the last competition so no one gets missed out.

We’re going to have a little party here at Mama Feelsgood to celebrate out 2nd birthday, well myself, Matt and our 2 girls are going to party as much as you can ha ha i’ll buy baby Erin a extra juicy carrot and mash it up for here ( she’s just cutting her first tooth and it;s driving her insane) . I would go for a krispy kreme doughnut but i’m trying to be good, too many clothes i can’t fit into anymore post Erin , too many Mama Feelsgood nursing tees i can’t squeeze my rolls into so times are gonna change!

Any how don’t forget new competition for a different breastfeeding tops this Friday 🙂

Good luck guys.

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5pm deadline to enter our breastfeeding top giveaway

SO today is the last day you can enter our breast feeding top giveaway on facebook.

Just look at the Northen Exposure clip and count how many times the moose appears.

Up for grabs is our Lips nursing shirt, you can choose between our dark grey lips nursing top or our Lips light grey nursing top.

Deadline is 5pm tonight, winner picked at random tonight and announced here on our website and facebook page 🙂

Good luck ladies.

Breastfeeding Tops

Our Facebook competition to win our lips breastfeeding tops starts today

Win Our Lips nursing top

SO would you like to win this beauty?

All you have to do to win this nursing top is head over to our facebook page here . And answer a simple question 🙂

We are maooosive northern exposure fans ( ok we’re going back a few years here but quality viewing in my opinion ! I admit i did have a crush on Chris Stevens but hey a girl can dream! ). So thats why our nursing tee competition is based around that clip!!!

Winner will be announced Monday night at 7pm and as detailed in our facebook post all correct entries will be put in a hat and my daughter Amelia will pull the winner out 🙂

Good luck guys.

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Competition time- win 1 of our nursing tops

So you want to win one of our nursing tops?

We have a Mama Feelsgood facebook page and it’s feeling a little lonely, currently we have 84 followers and we are trying to get it up over the 100, so when we do get over the 100 our competition to win one of our breastfeeding tops starts!

Facebook is a great way to communicate and we regularly put up offers or freebies so come on in and be a friend 🙂

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Anyone going to the Baby Show @ Earls court later this month?

Mama Feelsgood aren’t exhibiting there this year but a lot of companies we like and know are and i was thinking i might pop up with baby Erin and see what’s occuring.

When i say pop up it isn’t quite that simple as we are based in Bristol so would have to catch the train as i don’t do motorways ( i do have a good reason which a bit too gross to share) although i haven’t looked into the cost of a train ticket , i won;t expect it to be cheap but i think i might be shocked at the inflated price.

Any hooo we could meet for a cuppa tea & a bun 🙂

So i was wondering if any of you guys were thinking of going? Here’s the info about it:


The Baby Show 22 – 24 October 2010, Earls Court, London

An essential part of having a baby!

Book NOW to secure the best possible rate!

Show highlights include

  • Celebrity mum Myleene Klass live on stage on Friday 22 October 2010
  • Fisher-Price Creche packed full of all the latest toys for all ages and stages
  • Tesco Baby & Toddler Club BabySafe Academy
  • Tommy’s Meet the Midwives & Health Visitors Centre sponosred by Caffeine Free Diet Coke
  • Live recipe demonstrations with the Sainsbury’s Try Team
  • Baby London presents Boutique Baby
  • Search for the Face of The Baby Show 2011
  • Expert speakers including Annabel KarmelClare Byam-Cook and Prima Baby’s Jo Tantum

New exhibitors and features are being added all the time so make sure you come back soon to see what’s new!

Why not sign up to our Newsletter so you can get all the latest Show news including fantastic money saving offers, family fun and expert advice and information

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Grab a bargain – funky maternity shirts available

It’s been a crazy time since we started Mama Feelsgood , starting a business like this from scratch has been a real experience and i have learnt a lot over the couple of years we have been trading. One of which has been you never really know how somethings gonna go until you get out there and try it, and this goes for what you guys want from nursing & maternity clothes.

So we have made the decision to stop manufacturing our maternity Tees , this has been a really hard decision because honestly our maternity tees are SO lush, and like everything we make we have never gone for the cheap option, we’ve  used really thick lovely cotton which won;t go see through when you pull it over your humungous baby bump, they are longer in length and keep your covered even when you are at your biggest, plus they have bloomin funky prints, not these crappy “baby on board” slogans (sorry my personal opinion there, i can’t stand them!).

But our support for our breastfeeding range has been phenomenal , so it’s this we are putting our focus into now solely, as a small independent retail company we have to compete with the bigger brands and this on our tinnnyyy budget is just not possible so we are hoping that our quality product will out shine them . Seriously we use really lovely fabrics that other companies wouldn’t use because they are expensive to manufacture and they go for the cheaper option (this is a massive issue i have, you get a item of clothing and it;s so thin you can see through it or it wouldn’t keep a knat warm!) .

We don’t buy our shirts already made from other companies and just change the tag ( some companies do this) everything has been made by us , to our specifications and we use quality goods and quality manufacturers.

SO rant over, i’m just a bit gutted we have to put our maternity clothes on hold for now, but when we get a bigger company we will bring them back so no worries they are just on a brief holiday and in the words of Arnie”  i”ll be back! “

All our maternity shirts are available to buy from our Ebay Clearance store

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Mamascarf now in stock , black, cream & navy blue nursing scarf

Mamascarf - breastfeeding scarf

Whoop whoop we are pleased to say have got back in stock the fabulous Mamascarf breastfeeding scarves in all the three colours available, Navy Blue, Cream and black .

SO how does this nursing scarf work i hear you ask?

Using your Mamascarf breastfeeding cover is easy; it’s a really simple but effective triangular design;

  1. Place the scarf around your neck with the centre point at your tummy and the pocket on the inside.
  2. Tie the two ends of the scarf at the back of your neck. The larger you require it to be, the further to the end you need to tie it.  Tie a double knot.
  3. Once your scarf is tied, loop your arm through the opening. Use your right arm to feed on the right or your left arm to feed on the left side.
  4. Once the Mamascarf nursing cover is in place you can adjust your breastfeeding clothing as required, now you can slip your baby  into the opening, and feed as normal ensuring you are holding your baby at all times (PLEASE NOTE – Mamascarf is not designed for carrying your baby).

Anything which makes your life that bit easier when you are a mum must be cool 🙂