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New Breastfeeding Dress and a trip to taunton!

It’s been a very big week in the life of Mama Feelsgood, i went to a really interesting meeting on Monday in Taunton with 6 other companies to talk about exporting and growing my business. It was really useful for me as the other 6 companies which went are all older and more established than us and 1 of them in particular i look up to very much and i can see why because the owner of it was very lovely and personable ( she runs a multi million pound company yet isn’t up her own bum at all which was really nice to see) and then 1 thing that came across is everyone loves their product that they produce. Myself not being an acception . So it has given me great confidence and in 2011 you will see big changes to Mama Feelsgood.

One of these changes will be an extention in our breastfeeding clothing range. I had the final samples through yesterday for our nursing dress and new breastfeeding top and i am well chuffed with them. Really lovely heavy fabric, in lovely designs that will look fabulous when you aren’t breastfeeding anymore, no one will know they are nursing tops / dresses so it’s an extension to your normal wardrobe too. Lots of ladies continue to wear our breastfeeding T-shirts after they stop nursing because they don’t look like nursing tops.

As a young business we really are building our reputation on providing good quality breastfeeding clothing at affordable prices which you will actually want to wear! One of the fundamental things we believe is we want to make clothes from good fabric that you won’t be able to see your underwear through or is so light that in the winter you’ll be freezing, or way too short you have to wear leggings with the be able to go out in. We re a UK business and proud, and as my nan would say treat others how you would want to be treated – so we make clothes that we ourselves would be happy to wear 🙂 Thanks everyone for their support, we are committed to making quality nursing wear.


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