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Photo shoot for our new breastfeeding dress and nursing tops this saturday

It’s taken SO long but finally the new breastfeeding dresses and nursing tops are here and the photo shoot for them is going to be on saturday.

It’s really nice being able to think of things to so for the photoshoot, Jess my friend who is one of our models is so much fun, she won’t mind me saying she is one crazy lady ( in a good way Jess in a good way!) and has always loads of blinkin mad poses ready to break out! We are planning something a little special this time around, can’t say too much as am leaving it as a surprise but if things work out OK it should be badass!!!

SO just getting some accessories together for saturday, it’s a bit like America’s top model , loads more difficult than you might think to get the right shots. Laura our photographer is really cool at thinking up good angles and lighting etc so it’s pretty cool doing a shoot. Think lots of tea needed on this one though as it,s freezing here in Bristol, fingers crossed it;s not raining.

Speaking of Bristol, we took some of our breast feeding T-shirts down to the Love Baby Show held at the paintworks in Brislington. Has a great day, met loads of lovely people. Received some really lovely comments on our nursing clothes , felt a lot of love for our new nursing dress and breastfeeding top so it was a good day 🙂

Thanks to my good pal Louise for coming to help me out too, big hugs xx.

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding, Nursing Tops

Mama Feelsgood will be at the Baby Love Festival @ The Paintworks in Bristol this sunday

Hey ladies, in the Bristol area this sunday and looking for something good to do with your little babies or yourself if you are a new or soon to be mum?

Well check out the Baby Love festival held at The Paintoworks in Brislington This sunday from 10am till 4pm.

As taken from the Baby Love festival website:

Brought to you by Love Food Festival, Born and Relaxed Birth and parenting,

Things are getting really exciting in the build up to the first ever Love Baby Festival! Come along and be part of a very special day..

There are some great people exhibiting and offering advice on many areas of pregnancy and parenthood, there’ll be the chance to try treatments, buy gorgeous clothing, toys and some delicious food. There will even be a birthing pool for you to see and try – feel free to bring your swimming costume!!

You can take part in one of the fantastic free workshops including baby massage, ante and postnatal, baby yoga and reflexology.

Relax in the café, indulge yourself with a massage, a beautiful pedicure for those hard to reach toes, or get your bump painted by the very talented ‘Art Tart’ Rose Popay!

The fantastic baby sensory palace will provide the perfect place for the younger visitors to explore and make some new friends!

It’s also a great opportunity to meet other parents in and around the area, to share stories, advice and look to arrange meet ups and activities within the community. These bonds can play an essential and very enjoyable part during those early years.

With delicious hot and cold food, the well loved blend of laid back grooves (suitable for ears of all ages) and the Love Baby fairies adding a touch of sparkle to the proceedings, this promises to be a really gorgeous and fun event.

I hope to see you all there!

Lorna x

Here is a list of all the stalls which will be there of which we are one .
Will look forward to seeing you there 🙂
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Chance to win a Mama Scarf Enter our face book competition

New year so new competition 🙂

If you click onto our facebook page you can enter our competition to win a Navy blue mamascarf.

Question is Who is your favourite actor of the 1980’s?

If it matches mine you will win the scarf, if more than 1 person gets it right then your name will be put in a draw and i will pick the winner. If no one gets it right i’ll put all entries into a draw and pick winner 🙂

If you don’t have access to facebook you can put your entry below in the comments section .

Good Luck ladies

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Mama Feelsgood is featured in Green Parent Magazine

I am SO chuffed to say that we are featuring in this months GreenParent Magazine.

Mama Feelsgood Breastfeeding Tops in Green PArent Magazine

It was a really nice article we were featured in basically showing that there are quite a few options open if you want to breastfeed in public without flashing your wongers or baby belly at everyone!

Everyone is different and some women are more comfortable at feeding in public, and it is something that take s a bit of getting use to. But hey you shouldn;t ever feel that you can’t go out when you are breastfeeding , Ok i know in the beginning if you are anything like me it took me ages just to get myself and my girls up and dressed to go out and when i did they would fill their nappy and i would have to start all over again! But it’s really cool to get your butt out of the house and enjoy some outdoors time with your baby. With Amelia i think Starbucks was my first destination, so nice just to try and chill out (OK maybe chilling out is an over estimation because i was a little highly strung at first about her screaming the place down, which she didn’t!) . So where was the first place you went out solo with your new little baby?

So what methods do you use to make breastfeeding in public that bit easier for you? I’ll be honest and say the whole idea of using a cover wasn’t for me, Erin i know would just pull at it like and probably pull it up but i haven’t ever used one so i might have gotten it totally wrong. How have you guys gotten on with them?

I also heard that baby slings are good at covering your bits when breastfeeding plus it takes some of the strain off of your back and arms because you can let the sling do some of the supporting. ?

Anyways take a good read of our article and let me know what you think; Green PArent magazine is SO cool for ideas and tips for parents so it;s SO luch to be featured in it. I have bought the magazine and am going to laminate the page this afternoon!! I know i am a sad case!!

Happy weekend guys, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

We’ve added some more nursing T-shirts to our sale

Ok so things have gotten even better for you guys in the fact that we have added some more of our funky breast feeding tops to our new years sale.

Check out our Retro 1950’s style Mama’s Melons nursing shirt for a bit of humour thrown in with a vintage twist.

Melons breastfeeding top

Major bargain as was £19.99 now only £9.99.

This double layer nursing top works buy the top later which look like a regular tee lifts up and under neath sewn into it is an underlayer which has double opening on either side sorta under the arms of the shirt. So when you want to breastfeed your baby you can do so by just moving the openings over to which side you are feeding from .The nursing top’s under layer has spandex so does have some stretch.

Also in our breast feeding clothes sale is our Music sounds better with you dark grey nursing top, fab priceand will great for both winter (just add cardigan) and the summer.

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, nursing dress, Nursing Tops

Our breastfeeding top Sale continues :)

Thanks ladies for such a good response to our new years sale, lots of people grabbing up great bargains, they really are lovely tops for breastfeeding and would make a lovely presents hint hint ha ha!

We are going to continue the sale for the whole of January basically because we are introducing some new nursing graphic shirt designs soon and so are selling off the older designs to make way for the new. It’s kinda like our big clear out sale. We ahve our new nursing dresses here soon along with our new long sleeve breastfeeding blouse so good times:)

I am planning to do our photo shoot for these the end of January and also a little something else which i will keep as a surprise for you but it will make purchasing our breastfeeding clothes a lot easier!

Here’s some of our graphic nursing tees which are on sale:

Lips nursing T-shirt

Our Lips nursing tee is only £15.99 down from £19.99, really nice shirt at a great price.

Music sounds better nursing shirt

This long sleeve nursing shirt is a steal at £11.99, reduced from £21.99 , great shirt fabtantastic price!! ha ha

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, nursing dress, Nursing Tops

Happy 2011

Happy new year everyone, hope 2010 was good for you and 2011 will be even better.

2010 rocked for us, Mama Feelsgood did it’s second complete year of trading (we went live with our website October 2008) and it’s been really good, in fact a lot better than i could have thought. Fun times, sad times , we’ve moved location to a bigger office met lots of lovely people along the way  had a baby (my lovely daughter Erin) and made big plans for 2011.

I started mama Feelsgood back in 2005 really, it was in my head for abour 3 years and finally got things moving back in 2008; MFG is my baby , maybe i am too attached to it but i have put SO much effort into it. I just wanted to provide nursing mothers with some other options for clothing, something thats gonna make you feel good, and something for you. So much attention is put on your babies ( and totally so they are very precious things we would do anything for) but along the way it’s really easy to forget yourself; especially second/ third etc time around. I noticed with having Erin this year who is my second baby that you just get on with it, the pregnancy and birth etc i’m not saying it’s not special because course it is but you have so much going on with the first baby that right there with you that days go by and before you know it your baby is out and you are full throttle again.

Now our nursing shirts are not going to get up in the night and feed your baby, neither are they going to restore your pre pregnancy body and wash your hair for you on THOSE days when all you wanna have is some time to yourself and sleep, but what i hope they will do is give you a choice of something you would want and enjoy wearing which fits in with your life right now and provides a bit of coverage for yourself of things you would rather kept you you & your loved ones!

I’ve been working super hard this year (believe me i was packing orders 3 days after having my c-section when Erin was alseep) and our breastfeeding dresses will be with us mid January and also some breastfeeding tops/ blouses will be here. We will be doing our photo shoot for these late January so they will be in store soon. Also to join these we are bringing our some new graphic nursing T-shirts too. So lots going on. To make room for these lots of our old style graphic prints are on sale so check them out because when they are gone they won’t be re-printed.

Anyways i scaddaddle now as i’m rambling on but thanks for checking us out in 2010 and we promise 2011 there will be more Mama Feelsgood goodies 🙂

Take care, Liz