Breastfeeding Tops

Will be launching a new breastfeeding T-shirt print soon.

It’s been a bit mega here lately, what with moving to our new office on a more full term basis and juggling baby Erin and my working hours it’s been an interesting experience. Also it’s been my birthday so i did take a half day to enjoy that! Although i suppose i’m one of those people who can’t always switch off as i’m thinking of work, some people say i’m sad but i’m just really into what i do!

So i have had some really great T-shirt designs lined up for a while now, and i mean they are REALLY nice but i literally don’t have the time to get them ready for printing, so darn it this weekend they are being made ready and will go off to the printers this monday, i have decided! Our dark grey Owl nursing Tee is being re printed and will be available in all sizes from 8 – 18 and and also there is 1 new designs which i totally love, and i am hoping you like it much too. I can get a bit blinkered when it comes to designs so what i love not everyone will, for example our Ray gun nursing shirt is so awesome but the be honest it hasn’t been our best seller, and i don’t really get why because the print is so intense and lush?

SO keep your eyes peeled, new stuff is on it;s way.

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Find great competitions & nursing top giveaways on our facebook page

Right now we are making the final move to our new office (well in fact we have 2 offices but that is a long story) and we are finding lots of nursing shirts that some how have found themselves down the back of the shelves ! So they are a bit dusty or there are a few that have random marks on them from manufacturing and we cannot sell; so the nice people that we are we are giving them away to ladies who need them far more than us.

The best way we have found to do this is via our facebook fan page because it’s quick and it seems it’s a fair way of doing it as everyone gets a shot.Of course if you are not a member of facebook you can always leave your name under this message to be entered but the easiest way is via facebook.

We also run competitions and give heads up on new or upcoming stock on our facebook page too, and also it’s a great place to get your advice on what you want to see on our website, and the kinda breastfeeding clothes you want to see made. So come on over, say hi, and as BT say it’s good to talk ….ok type maybe !

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What colour nursing shirts would you like to see?

As a small company it can kinda get quite frustrating that we can’t bring our as many variations and products as we would want. If i had my way there would be funky new breastfeeding designs flying into the store every month but in reality i can’t do this, basically due to costs.

I am so chuffed we have our new money penny breastfeeding dress and nursing tops they really are lovely clothes to breastfeed in and are made from really nice fabric etc, but the thing about being on-line is you can’t see the goods before you buy and this is a shame with our clothes as i do put a lot of emphasis onto using the better fabrics so they feel really good. So i am looking for other independent stores to stock our breastfeeding clothes but it’s so difficult finding them; the big chains really have swamped the market, here in Bristol there is 1 independent maternity & baby store and they only stock organic clothes (which our nursing clothes are not). We did have a lovely shop called Venus maternity in Clifton but that closed down approx a year and a half ago ( a bigger chain store moved not too far away ) so it;s such a shame.

Sorry getting off topic here!

SO we are working hard to extend our range of breastfeeding T-shirts and would like to add some more funky colours to them, in the running is red and green but which shades? I like pillar box red, Matt likes a darker shade, ladies of our facebook page have suggested cherry red which i think sounds nice but the thing is everyone likes different things! So if you have any preferences let us know below in the comments page.

Also if you have any rockin maternity stores near you which you think Mama Feelsgood would fit in then let us know 🙂

Have a great weekend, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Need A breastfeeding dress for a wedding or party?

So wedding season is approaching fast, who knows it’s valentines day today so someone you know may well get popped the question, that will lead to eventually what the flippity can i wear to a wedding, breastfeed in and still look good? Don;t worry we’ve got your back on this one, why not try our Money Penny breastfeeding dress?

Money Penny Nursing Dress in Black

It’s super soft to the touch and one of the best advantages about it is it doesn’t need any ironing so if you are traveling some where nice and it’s packed away just give it a good shake and it shouldn’t bee too creased. The way you use it to nurse your baby and still remain covered is by lifting the empire line of the dress and then pull across the under layer to which ever side you want to breastfeed from. SO there is less boobage on show because you can use the under layer and also the top layer to cover that and there is no tummy on show at all. Happy days!

How our nursing dress works

How our nursing dress works

If black doesn’t float your boat then we also carry the dress in a lush purple colour too.

The breastfeeding dress is really good for everyday use and is fab for dressing up too, bang on a few accessories and it totally changes the dress making it an ideal nursing dress for parties and weddings.

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Last day of our breastfeeding T-shirt sale

SOrry ladies but it’s been a while and now it’s time for our maoooosive sale to end.

So some of the nursing tops are being returned to normal price. So if there is a nursing top you see and it’s reduced grab it today.

ALso lots of size are selling out, we have had a really good response to our sale and some prints are not going to be re-printed again so this is literally your last chance to get them.

Melons breastfeeding T-shirt

Our Pink Melons nursing tee is going back to full price so £9.99 is mega cheap for this shirt.

The ones that will will remain in the sale are Music sounds better nursing tops, and our ray gun tees.

We literally only have a few shirts left of our Neptune surf shirt too

Neptune surf nursing T-shirt

We always like to have a good sale and it;s made room for our new nursing T_shirt designs which are on their way very soon. Also our OWl grey long sleeve nursing tops are being re stocked and also our Kat long sleeve tee is too.

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Check out our breastfeeding dress – Mama Feelsgood

It’s taken an eternity trust me but our breast feeding dress is know available to buy from our website.

money penny nursing Dress

So our nursing dresses are called Money Penny, they are our first ever nursing dress that we have done and it’s taken a lot of planning so remind me when we start doing our next line of nursing clothing to buy some paracetamol and a bag of doughnuts for comfort food because the stress is way up there along side moving house i would say.

The Money Penny breastfeeding dress is available in black and also in a lovely rich purple colour , i was going for a design of nursing dress that would be fabulous for the summer plus can take you through the winter months. Living in the UK can be hard going when trying to figure out your breastfeeding wardrobe as our seasons change so much and lets face it our summers sometimes don’t really live up to their name. SO it has sleeves which come not too far above the elbow but long enough they don’t show your bingo wings or armpits ( maybe i’m just thinking about what i like but i’m not a big fan of the arm pits on show!! ha ha  i tend to do a bit of a Julia Roberts at the baftas or wherever she was). Also the nursing dress looks great with a cardigan thrown over the top for when the winter kicks in, pair it with some woolly tights & you;re be sorted.

Money Penny breastfeeding dress

Just for your reference Jess our model is wearing a size Medium (she is a UK 12) and she is pretty tall 5ft 10, so you can judge how the length is going to be on you, our Money Penny nursing dress in both black and purple measures 38 inches long. I had another one of my friends try the dress on during the sampling stage in manufacture and she is 5ft 4 and there is a big difference in how long the dress is on her (obviously!! when Jess came to put the dress on for the photoshoot i was like whoo thats shorter than it is on Louise my pal, but there is about 6 inches difference in their height!, ok i am a bit dim sometimes i admit that!). Just to tell you a bit more about our model, she is one of my friends, she’s 24 , i know some people think she young looking (hell i wish i was 24 again) but none of the models used are professional they really are all of my friends who are willing to help out (Sheri my other friend who models on our website is 31 by the way, someone sent me an email saying she looked 14, hey she really is 31, she is blessed with fantastic skin!).

SO how do you breastfeed in our new breastfeeding dresses i hear you ask!

Simply pull up the empire line on the nursing dress and underneath you’ll find your chest is still covered by the dress but you can pull to whichever side you are breastfeeding from and breastfeed your baby in comfort.

The Money Penny breastfeeding dress does have 5% spandex in it so there is stretch and it will return to shape after feeding. Another great benefit of the nursing dress is you don’t really have to iron it, i’ve worn mine a few times and i basically take it out the washing machine dry it ( either on the line or radiator or something, we don’t recommend tumble drying the dress) amd just shake it and it looks brilliant. The viscose fabric really doesn’t crease that easily so it’s a winner. It makes a great nursing dress for special occasion because if you have to pack it to travel you don’t have to worry about it getting creased.

We seriously love our new breastfeeding clothing range, it might not be a massive collection but for a small independent breastfeeding clothing store like us it means the world so i hope you enjoy, Liz x

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Our photoshoot for our new breastfeeding dresses & nursing tops is tomorrow

Oh no have your seen the weather here in Bristol? It is terrible and not just a little bit gloomy, full on storm is here; sad times as i don;t think it’s going to get any better and we have our photo shoot happening tomorrow !

Talk about couldn’t pick a worse day if i tried! Any ways the general idea was it was going to be an outside job but don;t think Jess & the clothes would look that good soaking wet so going to have to re think things.

Laura our photographer is a really inspiration so wherever we end up taking them i’m sure they will rock out.

Now i just have to get all the things together, there is always far more than you possibly think you will need. I better get on the case, i get distracted very easily plus it;s my mums birthday today too plus Erin is crawling with a purpose so gotta have eyes in the back of my head.

Will post some pictures tomorrow night hopefully of our nursing dresses , keep your fingers crossed for us xx

Friends Of Ours

Looking for a great nursery in Bristol ? Saplings is well recommended

It’s SO hard trying to make a choice about which nursery to choose if you or when you need one; i think for such important issues such as this personal recommendations are really important along with getting down to the nursery itself and checking them out. I can personally recommend Southmead Saplings nursery; it’s part of the Southmead hospital nursery and is open to employees of the North Bristol Trust and also private customers too.

As you go into Southmead hospital from the entrance where A & E use to be it’s on the right hand side in the big nurses block, it has parking right out side which is essential really so there are no issues of parking and having to cart your children and their bags miles. The staff are so friendly, when i worked in the Biochemistry lab Amelia my 1st daughter was there for 3 1/2 years (not in one stint ha ha i did pick her up in between!) , she did 2 days per week and she loved it, and i am not joking or sugar coating it when i say that. I regard the ladies there who looked after her for that time friends, they have always looked after my children very well and i totally trust them 100%.

They are open 5 days per week, 8am – 6pm (although if you need a 7am start they can do this but you have to pay the extra hour)

Their age range is 3 months to 5 years

Employees to NBT and also non-employees can have places. They have different day rates depending upon NBT employee or not.

Ms Helen Whitehead is manager.

Details to get in touch are as follows:

Southmead Saplings
Southmead Hospital
Southmead Road, Westbury-on-Trym
Bristol BS10 5NB

Tel: 01173236375