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Bristol, Banksy & Breastfeeding Tees

Living in Bristol is really cool, and i personally think i am really lucky to have been brought up in such a lovely city. I have lived and Mama Feelsgood is based in North Bristol (technically if you want to be picky it’s South Gloucestershire) and it is really nice, not too far from the country side and i can be in Bristol city centre in 15mins when it’s clear (OK so Bristol has tons of traffic, can’t be all good!).

So i’ve been trying to sort out some issue with printing that i’ve been having, the printers that i currently use are really good, they’ve been running for like 30 years and know their stuff, but they don’t run close to Bristol and it’s becoming a pain on my part. I guess i want to have more control over what i print, and how many ,and i definately want to start getting more prints out there on a regular basis; change things up a little and be more fresh. So i have been looking for a new printers, now this might sound easy but i am super anal (i’m not being rude here!) and i don;t just get any old Jo to be involved with our nursing shirts, so i’ve been checking a few out. 1 printers for no good reason i just didn’t like them, had a gut feeling so i thought i would go with that and ruled them out; and i’m glad i did because Thursday i found a gem.

It’s been a rough week personally for me, my little baby Erin has been super sick, first with a bug (she wouldn’t stop vomiting & became dehydrated, had to take her to Dr’s and it was real sad to see her like that, very upsetting) and then right after, bang her 2 front teeth are coming through and she basically  is in agony. So many sleepless nights, and feeling like i have jet lag all the time. So anyways Thursday i had a meeting with the new printers, they sounded like nice people ; i was mega tired so managed to drive there without crashing which is pretty good for me (no babies in the car i must add). The place where they work is something else, and it;s amazing in a strange way. I’m really into family history and my nans side has been in Bristol for a long time and they were based in central Bristol and this place isn’t far from where they lived so it just kinda felt right. Actually my nans family were Tailors for generations so perhaps thats where i get it from!

So they are 2 of the nicest people i have met, so friendly, they know their stuff when it coms to printing and we are so on the same wavelength, i can go see the printing process which is something i’m getting really excited about ( i know that might sound strange to some but i love T-shirts, everything T-shirt realated i am into, so being able to watch my own shirts i have made be printed is mega for me). I could say exactly what i wanted and i felt really comfortable , it was like i was chatting to my brother (sadly my brother died, but if he was still here it’s like talking to him), it was the type of people you could eat you lunch with and not be paranoid!

SO this week we are running our first lot of new nursing shirts with them, our Owl breastfeeding T-shirts will be back in stock , our Kat long sleevedbreastfeeding  top will have all the sizes available again and there will be a new design too ! So watch this space ladies.

OOh the Banksy part of this blog is the printers had a real nice print on the wall and it was local Bristol artist Nick Walker, he is sorta like Banksy ie stencil art (he’s really good so don;t want to take anything away from him with comparisions to Banksy, he is fab in his own right) and these guys know him, and have printed for him which is cool because he is really quite popular now; then they drop the bomb and mention they have printed for Banksy. WOW.

Banksy is so iconic in Bristol (well maybe not everyone thinks so as they think of it as graffiti ) and these dudes know him…….. I think i must have gone a bit crazy looking and eyes nearly popped out, i did pump for information as to Banksy’s identity but they weren’t giving it up. But just through association i now feel special ha ha. Maybe if i hang around enough i will get to meet him…..

yeah i am sad ha ha

have a nice weekend, guys


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