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Mama FeelsGood OWL breastfeeding top featured in this months Pregnancy & Birth magazine

Gotta say always nice to hear good things whatever they are referring too so when we picked up this months issue of Pregnancy & Birth magazine we  were really chuffed with our review ( i say this months it’s still MArch but we are in the April 2011 issue, kinda weird how that works).

This review is for our Black short sleeve OWL breastfeeding T-shirt , great for the up coming warmer weather and great with a cardi for the colder months too! I love this shirt, it’s one of my favourite, and judging by the sales i think a lot of ladies have a “thing” for owls too! If short sleeve shirts don’t rock your world we also do this nursing top in a long sleeve type too.

As i mentioned in an earlier post we are now getting our breast feeding shirts screen printed here in Bristol so it’s been really nice to see how the whole process works and it;s given us the ability to re print a lot of tees which had run out of stock.

Here is the picture of the whole page we were in :


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