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Say hi to our new breastfeeding T-shirt – Hugs

Check it OUT ladies our new breastfeeding graphic tee has landed in our store today, and i always say you can never have enough hugs !

Hugs Breastfeeding T-Shirt

As like all our new nursing T-shirts this baby has been hand silk screened right here in Bristol and in *real life* the colours are even more vibrant than this photo (have linked in some random shots of the tee taken in my back garden, don’t look at the fence ha ha)

IT’s a super cute design and hopefully will initiate lots of hugs for you 🙂

All our nursing tees work on the same principle where they are double layered and to breast feed your baby you lift the top layer (this is like a regular t-shirt) and underneath is an under shirt which keeps your tummy covered but has breastfeedign access on either side. So choose which side you want to nurse from and pull the under shirt to one side, and bingo. Top shirt helps to cover your boobage too so no flashing!

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Need a nursing dress for a wedding?

OK so your best pals from way are getting married , you’ve not long had your baby and you need a super cute dress to breastfeed in that won’t cost the earth but has great functionality and doesn’t make you feel like your wearing something from you nans wardrobe !

You no longer have to worry because you are reading this and we can help you out; no seriously we can, we have our very lovely and very functional Money Penny breastfeeding dress

Money Penny Nursing Dress

Made from a really good quality viscose spandex mix (95% viscose 5% spandex) and available in delish violet colour or black it can be worn to the wedding during the day and then rocked up with accessories for the evening party too . It doesn’t scream I AM A BREASTFEEDING DRESS , people will actually like your dress rather than think you are making do with what you could find.

Here is how the breastfeeding dress works:

How Nursing dress works

It lifts up from the empire line and has a kinda v-neck design going on under neath so these can easily be moved to one side whilst still keeping you covered. Because it lifts up from the empire line it keeps your tummy totally covered and also helps your boobage from being on show, Your babies head will help cover your boob along with the top layer of the nursing dress.

Here’s our black Money Penny nursing dress:

Black Money Penny nursing dress

Money Penny Black breastfeeding dress

I know some people might not want to wear their breastfeeding clothes after they stop breastfeeding thier child but this is one cool dress and can be worn after you stop nursing. Great for christmas parties and beyond this really is one versitile dress.

Any way have a great wedding and if you do buy one and wear it somewhere special don’t be shy email us a picture we would love to see 🙂


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The Leaky Boob breastfeeding help and advice

One of our fab customers recommended The Leaky Boob facebook page to us (Thanks Shelley)  and it’s really cool. It’s a really good place for mums to get together (or mums to be) and get advice about breastfeeding and lots of other things too. Within about 1 minute of readingthe posts they get on their facebook page i learnt that you can start breastfeeding again after you stopped ie re-lactate , i never knew that. I just thought once your milk had dried up that was that.

The leaky boob also has a blog and there is a forum although their facebook page is really busy and seems a really cool place to meet other breastfeeding ladies from around the world. I think the site is AMerican based so this makes it really cool because if you are up in the night and need some advice you can go on-line and people seem to there all the time and really do offer good advice.

Breastfeeding i found can be a lonely business sometimes, so to find other people and get a bit of a community feel is really cool and helps .

Check them out and let me know what you think

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Breastfeeding clothes can make breastfeeding in public easier.

So did you guys see the programme on BBC 3 last night? With the lady (Cherry) it was really interesting to see from a different perspective what people think about breastfeeding.

One thing that i can totally connect with is the breastfeeding in public and the fact that you have to do it (unless you become a hermit) but you want to but don’t want to if you get my drift! The first couple of times was really had for me, but once you get going it does become easier and you can get the knack down pat and before you know it you’ll be breastfeeding anywhere!

It was a real shame the lady was breastfeeding in a toilet on there, i mean it’s not nice for mum or the baby really but like i mentioned above i expect a lot of mums do this because it makes them feel a lot more comfortable, hey ladies each to their own, if that what makes you feel at ease go for it. But honestly breastfeeding clothing does make feeding in public that bit more realxed, and i’m not just saying that because i have my own brand of nursing clothes!

WE’ve had some really lovely emails from ladies who say our nursing tops have given them more confidence to basically go out! No mummy tummy on show, and less boobage on show!

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops

Mama Feelsgood breastfeeding tops are great for nursing twins

Had some lovely feedback this week about our nursing T-shirts and how good they are for breastfeeding twins. As i’ve never had twins myself i don’t have any real experience of breastfeeding them but i’ve heard from 2 of our customers this week and they really liked Mama Feelsgood breastfeeding tops and how easy they are to nurse twins.

If you are tandem nursing them you really need something to cover your middle section because you will have both boobies in action at the same time. So because our Breastfeeding T-shirts have an underlayer where the nursing openings are at the side then this is ideal for tandem nursing, it keeps your chest covered and you tummy too.

Cecilia one of our customers said” Mama Feelsgood tops really are great for breastfeeding twins, fabulous for tandem breastfeeding” .

Cecilia was really really helpful and gave great feedback on the benefits of our breastfeeding T-shirts.  I know there are lots of different styles of nursing openings, some suit some whilst others don’t, but it’s really invaluable for me to know first hand now that i can recommend our nursing T-shirts to mothers with twins.

So big thanks for taking the time and getting back to us with feedback, it makes Mama Feelsgood a much better breastfeeding clothing company and we really do want to provide what mothers want.

Have fun, Liz x

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

New Tattoo Owl breastfeeding top

So over the next couple of weeks we will be expanding our range of breastfeeding clothing and adding to our nursing T-shirt designs. First up is our Tattoo Owl long sleeve breastfeeding top in light grey .

Tattoo Owl Nursing Top

It’s really cool that all our breastfeeding graphic Tees are being printed here in Bristol, when i drop our shirts off there to be printed i always meet someone new and cool to talk to as the print shop is in a busy part of Bristol city , in a kinda arty area so everyone is super friendly which is really nice. Working on your own which i do is great but i do get lonely! I do have a tendency to talk a lot sometimes and i’ve noticed that when customers ring up with a query i tend to keep them chatting for a bit….. although i gotta say you guys are really nice and do tend to like to have a chat too!

Matt and I are putting plans together to improve Mama Feelsgood, and move it on a bit, both in product range and taking it to a wider audience. We know our breastfeeding clothes are really lush and loads more people should know about them so we are going to do something about it. I had an important meeting this week which really opened my eyes to things, and as the song goes i can see clearly know the rain has gone!!

Well enough about me , back to the breastfeeding T-shirts…..check out our newest graphic tee and let us know what you think:)

Liz x