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New Tattoo Owl breastfeeding top

So over the next couple of weeks we will be expanding our range of breastfeeding clothing and adding to our nursing T-shirt designs. First up is our Tattoo Owl long sleeve breastfeeding top in light grey .

Tattoo Owl Nursing Top

It’s really cool that all our breastfeeding graphic Tees are being printed here in Bristol, when i drop our shirts off there to be printed i always meet someone new and cool to talk to as the print shop is in a busy part of Bristol city , in a kinda arty area so everyone is super friendly which is really nice. Working on your own which i do is great but i do get lonely! I do have a tendency to talk a lot sometimes and i’ve noticed that when customers ring up with a query i tend to keep them chatting for a bit….. although i gotta say you guys are really nice and do tend to like to have a chat too!

Matt and I are putting plans together to improve Mama Feelsgood, and move it on a bit, both in product range and taking it to a wider audience. We know our breastfeeding clothes are really lush and loads more people should know about them so we are going to do something about it. I had an important meeting this week which really opened my eyes to things, and as the song goes i can see clearly know the rain has gone!!

Well enough about me , back to the breastfeeding T-shirts…..check out our newest graphic tee and let us know what you think:)

Liz x


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