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Clothes for a new mum

We are So chuffed, we have been mentioned in Real Parenting’s blog about clothes for new mums.

“You can avoid the “mum uniform trap” with a funky t’shirt or shirt. Lisa recommends the Mama Feels Goodrange, “they sell great maternity and breastfeeding t’shirts, with some fun graphic prints to brighten up an outfit.” Wearing a specially designed nursing t’shirt means you’ll avoid flashing your post-baby tummy and may find it easier to feed discreetly without showing the world your chest! ”

Thanks guys at Real Parenting, it’s so cool to get a mention off of the back of how great our maternity & nursing clothes are 🙂

Always does make you feel good to get some recognition .

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

SALE – Money Penny breastfeeding tops are on sale this bank holiday

Happy bank holiday guys, grab yourself a fabulous breastfeeding top for a really really good price.

Our Money Penny breastfeeding tops are super easy to nurse in, just lift the specially designed panel at the empire line, lift up and feed. Great thing is you can’t really see the nursing panel whilst wearing the dress so when you stop breastfeeding in the future you can continue to wear the dress. It’s an addition to your overall wardrobe not just your maternity one!

Money Penny breastfeeding top black

Our nursing tops are available in either black or purple colours.

Money Penny breastfeeding top purple

They are going to taken off sale next week so grab one for a better price whilst you can 🙂

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

I wanted to cover my tummy whilst breastfeeding

Running a company which makes breastfeeding clothes is really cool but i gotta admit i get really weird questions from people when they find out what i do.

1 such type of incidence was with a mail courier, whom delivering a parcel was gutted to realize Mama FeelsGood was not a porno company but in fact a T-shirt company; although when i said it’s breastfeeding shirts he then thought it was a porno thing again! So i educated him on the different types of maternity wear that are available today! I think he learnt a lot that day ha ha.

Basically i started Mama FeelsGood because i wanted to be able to go out in public and breastfeed without my rolls hanging out all over the place ( yeah and boobies but i think it was the tummy aspect which bothered me the most) and i found i was restricted on the types of clothing i could wear which would make my life a lot easier to do this. I also wanted to retain my personality and i was always into different kinds of clothes and funky T-shirts so i combined the both and made funky breastfeeding T_shirts of my own.

I started Mama FeelsGood out of passion to go against what was available and give mothers something more (blimey that sounds very profound and up myself but i don’t mean it like that), just to be able to put a shirt on and actually like it! I wear our OWl nursing shirt a lot as it’s one of my favs and i hung it out on the line saturday and it honestly made me smile, and thats what i want you to feel.

Our breastfeeding clothing is made with the fact that when you start your journey of breastfeeding your baby you never know for sure how long it’s going to last, so we totally get you don’t want to invest in tons of nursing clothes when you might only be in them for a couple of weeks/ months, but then again whilst you are breastfeeding you want to feel comfortable going out and carrying out your everyday life; thats why our nursing tos are so cool you can wear then after you stop breastfeeding so you extend your wardrobe totally 🙂

breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

You wanna win our Money Penny breastfeeding Dress ?

This is something you don’t want to miss especially  if you have wedding or christening or something where you have to be that little bit smart and need to breastfeed easily in it.

Great things about our Money Penny nursing dress is it’s smart enough  so you can wear it to a lovely occasion and then it’s not too smart for everyday use ( people won’t be saying as you sachet down the street “who does she think she is”) . SO it;s a totally win win nursing dress, PLUs you can wear it after you choose not to breastfeed any further because it doesn’t look like a nursing dress, so that makes it a win win win dress!

Money Penny Nursing Dress

So to win our Money Penny Breastfeeding dress ( you can choose between the Purple or black dress) all you have to do is enter our Facebook competition here .

If Facebook doesn’t  float your boat you can also enter here on our blog, just comment below on what would your super hero power be if you could have one, and we will enter your name into our draw to win the nursing dress.

Money Penny Black Breast feeding dress

These are seriously lovely dresses so we thought we would be nice and share one with you guys !

Good luck ladies

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops

Neptune Surf nursing top on sale now – funky breastfeeding clothing

Neptune Surf nursing T-shirt

We have put our very laid back and cool Neptune Nursing Tee on sale today.

We are just in the process of getting together our next lot of breastfeeding clothing – some more funky nursing T-shirts which will be available in a larger range of colours and a different style so we need to clear some room in our storage room. I really don’t want to have to pay anymore rent for another storage bay so come on guys help me out ha ha.

This breastfeeding top totally reminds me of  being a california and chilling out and having a great time…. then the kids came along ha ha. It’s just really nice to have some nursing wear that is different from the norm and being an independent breastfeeding clothing company we can make designs that are unique and qwerky.

£9.99 os SO cheap for this top , you would be crazy not to try one! There aren’t a great number of shirts left across the sizes, i think we have a lot of XL and not too many of the other sizes so if you want one get in early. They will be on sale though until they have gone .

Enjoy 🙂

Breastfeeding support groups

Breastfeeding cafe’s , breastfeeding clubs near you?

Just trying to spread the word about any breastfeeding club or cafe or any breastfeeding group that gets together near you that you think other ladies would enjoy going to?

I found it helps a lot if you can find other women who get where you are coming from, just to share your ideas, concerns experiences about breastfeeding and basically anything really can help. When i had Amelia (wow thats 6 years ago now) i didn’t know that the babies belly button stank when it was getting ready to fall off ; i started to panic a bit imagining all the bad things that it might be but a friend of mine happened to pop round she was like “take a chill pill, that TOTALLY normal”. phew! There are so many things in relation to breastfeeding that you might want answers to and having someone to ask casually is really beneficial , so ladies please do share where you like to hangout with other mums.

With Erin my other daughter who is 13 months now even second time around there was loads i needed support with concerning feeding her, lots of mums with 3 + children say each child feeds differently from the others so just because you’ve had babies before don’t feel you are expected to know everything, and in reverse if you have a lot of experience with breastfeeding it’s cool to share.

I know in Bristol in the Bradley Stoke area breastfeeding mums get together : Bradley Stoke Breastfeeding mums support

Bradley Stoke Children’s Centre, Bowsland Green Primary School

Ellicks Close

Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 0ES

See map: Google Maps


Phone Number: 07772547947

Know of any more groups near you?

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Our Money Penny Breastfeeding dress Rocks – no seriously it does

If you need a dress to breastfeed in then please check out our Money Penny nursing dresses, they are super cute, comfy, discrete and they aren’t mega hard on the bank balance.

They are super soft to the touch and don’t crease up too bad which is great of you need them to stay nice all day ie if you were going to a wedding and then going to the evening party too.

To use you simply lift up the dress from the empire line and then you can nurse without showing the world what you’ve got!

There is a touch of spandex to the dress (5%) so it does hold it’s shape well, and the sleeves are great because they can help cover bingo wings in the summer and for the winter you can just pop a shrug or a cardigan on and no worries.

We make lush breastfeeding clothing so please if you are looking for something funky and nice then please check our clothes out 🙂