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Neptune Surf nursing top on sale now – funky breastfeeding clothing

Neptune Surf nursing T-shirt

We have put our very laid back and cool Neptune Nursing Tee on sale today.

We are just in the process of getting together our next lot of breastfeeding clothing – some more funky nursing T-shirts which will be available in a larger range of colours and a different style so we need to clear some room in our storage room. I really don’t want to have to pay anymore rent for another storage bay so come on guys help me out ha ha.

This breastfeeding top totally reminds me of  being a california and chilling out and having a great time…. then the kids came along ha ha. It’s just really nice to have some nursing wear that is different from the norm and being an independent breastfeeding clothing company we can make designs that are unique and qwerky.

£9.99 os SO cheap for this top , you would be crazy not to try one! There aren’t a great number of shirts left across the sizes, i think we have a lot of XL and not too many of the other sizes so if you want one get in early. They will be on sale though until they have gone .

Enjoy 🙂


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