breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

You wanna win our Money Penny breastfeeding Dress ?

This is something you don’t want to miss especially  if you have wedding or christening or something where you have to be that little bit smart and need to breastfeed easily in it.

Great things about our Money Penny nursing dress is it’s smart enough  so you can wear it to a lovely occasion and then it’s not too smart for everyday use ( people won’t be saying as you sachet down the street “who does she think she is”) . SO it;s a totally win win nursing dress, PLUs you can wear it after you choose not to breastfeed any further because it doesn’t look like a nursing dress, so that makes it a win win win dress!

Money Penny Nursing Dress

So to win our Money Penny Breastfeeding dress ( you can choose between the Purple or black dress) all you have to do is enter our Facebook competition here .

If Facebook doesn’t  float your boat you can also enter here on our blog, just comment below on what would your super hero power be if you could have one, and we will enter your name into our draw to win the nursing dress.

Money Penny Black Breast feeding dress

These are seriously lovely dresses so we thought we would be nice and share one with you guys !

Good luck ladies


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