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Big Summer SALE – Breastfeeding clothes

Believe it or not it’s summer (21st June as longest day of the year marks summer right?) and by our weather here in the UK you wouldn’t know it. As i’m typing this it’s raining here in Bristol, so we have a lot of summer stock thats got to be sold so thought i would start the summer sale today!

We also have a lot more new breastfeeding tops coming into to stock soon which is quite exciting, lots of new graphics nursing tees with some new colours available; it’s taken longer to organize than i expected but everything  does with me! That is one of the drawback of working on your own you have to do everything, so it takes more time than you think even to do a little thing!

Along with our new stock we are planning new changes to our website which will be totally cool; i remember when we launched in October 2008 i loved our site (and still do) but things change so much and so quickly with the internet that new things are developed and i’m like a child in a toy shop and it’s like wooo i gotta have that. I don;t think Twitter was going or if it was it wasn’t that common when we started our website and look now!!

So back to the nursing clothes…. we have  a really good sale on, especially our Money Penny range of breastfeeding clothes they won’t  be available for this price for a while, we have our breastfeeding dress and nursing top for sale in our smarter breastfeeding clothes section  and LOADS of breastfeeding T-shirts on sale.

Metropolis Breastfeeding Tee On SALE now

Dudes our Metropolis breastfeeding T-shirt is on sale now for £9.99 that a  mega good deal.

We are low on numbers throughout the size range and they won;t be re-printed so if you want one get it now.

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

New Breastfeeding tops coming soon

Excellenti yesterday i had my new sample through for final signing off for our new nursing tops, and they were fab. Very kindly i out a call out on our Mama FeelsGood facebook page for a couple of ladies to test them ( we got loads of replies so thanks ladies for offering i really appreciate it, if you weren’t lucky this time we promise next time we’ll email you) , the sizing on the new breastfeeding tops are different from the current one we carry. Sizing is alway a difficult job especially for breastfeeding clothing because your boobies can fluctuate in size through out a day let alone the months or years you could be breastfeeding for so a size small for one person might not be there best for another. We have listened to feedback though as we always do and have made the cut of our new nursing shirts a little more generous.

We now will carry a size 18 / 20 shirt so this goes up 1 size as we stopped at a 18 before, and the new xxl is more generous so i think would fit an 18/20 person – again if you buy one of these when they come in store and would like to send feedback that would be cool .

We do have some wicked new things planned , it will all be happenign around August September time so keep you eyes peeled!

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

Our Mama’s Melons breast feeding top now on sale dudes

Yesterday we put our Mama’s Melons nursing T-Shirt on sale so we thought we’d better tell you guys about it!

It’s available on sale in Pink we do carry this print on a black nursing top too (but this isn’t on sale, just the pink shirt) and it’s one of our most popular breastfeeding tops so grab one up now while you can! We don’t have a huge range of sizes available, and shirts are limited to each size; we won’t be getting this re-printed on pink shirts again so this is your last chance to get one. In fact a lot of our pink shirts are on sale as we won’t be running with pink again for a while. I guess it’s more of a summer colour and so far here in the UK our summer has been crappy ! So we are getting others colours manufactured which should be cool, and provide more variation to what we carry at the moment.

Mama's Melons nursing T-shirt

Breastfeeding Tops

Vintage look nursing tops

There are some seriously good applications out there for making photos more funky and i have caught a bit of a bug where i’m changing up lots of photos into ones which look vintage. Matt hates them, i don’t know why i think they look really cool , but i’ve done some of our nursing tops so check them out and let me know what you think:

Vintage feel nursing tops

I’ve also done some with our really lush Money Penny nursing tops

Money Penny nursing top

It’s really nice to be able to change pictures around, i’ve taken loads of pictures of my girls and they look like they have been taken back in the 1970’s (actually i looked at one and thought it looked like me, i am a 70’s baby!).

I was thinking of having some as product shots on the website but  they don’t really reflect the true colours of the nursing tops so i’m just gonna keep them here to my blog for now… 🙂

Behind, breast feeding clothes

Our breastfeeding tops are really cool, breastfeed in public & chill out!

I had one of THE best tweets this weekend a lady breastfeed for her first time in public and wore one of our Mama Feelsgood nursing tees when she did it. She felt it gave her the extra confidence to go ahead a feed in public. It was so cool she took the time out to tweet us (not at the same as breastfeeding ..well i don;t think so!) and it all kinda makes things good for us as thats the whole reason i started MFG.

I admit i do get lonely here, it’s just me at the moment that runs the whole shabang so when i get customer feedback it;s really nice to know there are people out there! Oh no that sounds sad but i pack loads of tees and just to get a little of communication back is really nice. I recently have had meetings with other companies and they all work in groups or there are more than 1 person who works with them i i gotta admit i was sorta envious. I think i bore Matt (my husband) when i start talking about T-shirts (i love T-shirts, they don’t have to be breastfeeding T-shirts any type will do) so when i spot one that i think is awesome it would be lush to have someone i could share this with, someone who  really gets me. I’ve decided my long term goal is to kick serious ass in the Maternity & nursing clothing market and get some staff; then i can have someone to talk to and not just the postman who is always thinking “is that crazy lady gonna hold me hostage again talking about random stuff” .

SO if you live in the Bristol area and are seriously into T-shirts, and into babies and clothing then maybe i have an ideal job waiting for you, just gotta be patient, then it will be yours!!

breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Lovely weather for wearing a breastfeeding dress!

Blimey it’s really hot here today in Bristol, kind of hot and sweaty weather which me being a very pale skinned person i really don’t like. Ok don’t hit me, lots of people think i am crazy, but with my colourings (dark hair and so many freckles it’s unreal) i just fry in an instant. But what i do like it thats it’s wedding time! I love weddings, sadly for me none of my close friends seem to be anywhere near the getting married stage so i am missing out on celebrating , but i live in hope; but for you guys who are lucky enough to go to a wedding we have the perfect dress for you to wear as a guest if you need a dress you can breastfeed in. Sadly if you are the bride we don;t do breastfeeding wedding dresses… actually i don;t know if anyone actually does so maybe we are missing a trick here!

Any who our Money Penny nursing dress (available in either black or the most gorgeous purple ) is just the ticket for wearing to a celebration , evening or day occasion.

Money Penny Breast feeding dress

It’s made from good quality viscose with a little smidge of spandex (5% smidge) and wears really well; doesn’t get mega creased too easily and feels really good to the touch when you have it on. To breastfeed in it all you have to do it lift the empire line up and woo hoo Bobs your uncle you have room to breastfeed.

How the Breastfeeding dress works

They are great to be worn after your quit breastfeeding too because they aren’t really obvious in their mechanism to feed your baby so can be worn as a regular dress.