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New Breastfeeding tops coming soon

Excellenti yesterday i had my new sample through for final signing off for our new nursing tops, and they were fab. Very kindly i out a call out on our Mama FeelsGood facebook page for a couple of ladies to test them ( we got loads of replies so thanks ladies for offering i really appreciate it, if you weren’t lucky this time we promise next time we’ll email you) , the sizing on the new breastfeeding tops are different from the current one we carry. Sizing is alway a difficult job especially for breastfeeding clothing because your boobies can fluctuate in size through out a day let alone the months or years you could be breastfeeding for so a size small for one person might not be there best for another. We have listened to feedback though as we always do and have made the cut of our new nursing shirts a little more generous.

We now will carry a size 18 / 20 shirt so this goes up 1 size as we stopped at a 18 before, and the new xxl is more generous so i think would fit an 18/20 person – again if you buy one of these when they come in store and would like to send feedback that would be cool .

We do have some wicked new things planned , it will all be happenign around August September time so keep you eyes peeled!


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