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New breastfeeding Tops coming soon – well soonish !

We are busy working away on our new breastfeeding top collection, it’s amazing all the extra bits of work you have to do to get it together and with most things in life things tend to take lots longer then you would ever think. I can reveal we are having a update  to our website too which is exciting but again puts LOTS more on my to do list.

I’ve  seen the first rough draft of our new websites homepage and it’s lush, not too different from what we have now but better if that makes sense. I won’t give too much away as it won;t be ready for a fair few weeks yet; we will be launching it in conjunction with our new breastfeeding T-shirt range .

So what with a new website, new range of nursing clothes, there hasn’t be a lot of time for much else….oh yeah we moved warehouse  ! Matt worked SO hard moving and even i who “doesn’t do lifting ” pitched in and shifted literally tons of boxes. I hurt my back in a car accident a long time ago now and shouldn’t really lift ( plus i admit i am lazy sometimes) but  we had a time limit on moving the stock so had to get a move on. It’s a bit like when we get a delivery from our freight chaps from overseas you have a certain amount of time to empty the containers or they start charging you ! In the words of Scooby Doo or  ws it Shaggy JEPPERS!

So needless to say i moved by big butt and pitched in too. I did feel good at the end of it but the next day …man i felt bad.

So i’ll give a few more details of what to look forward too in our new breastfeeding top range, we will be having more maternity T-shirts too, so watch this space 🙂