Breastfeeding Tops

New website & new breastfeeding tops coming soon

OK it seems forever that i have been saying our new nursing tops will be in store but i really mean it this time!

Our shirts are docking in port as we speak (i have been tracking them on-line thats how keen i am!) and after customs have worked their thing they should be with us in about a weeks time.

Plus to accompany out new range we also will have a new website, well a newish website. We are going to be making some big changes so it makes things easier for you to buy and have a good look at our nursing tops on-line. In the back end of the site there will be a new system so it will make things so much easier to control and now there will be a proper inventory so i wil no longer sell out of things woo hoo.

SO our new range will include new graphic tees and also a new style of nursing tops with colours we don’t currently stock .

We’ve just got to do our photoshoot and they will be on sale- available on-line from mid september 🙂


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