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New range of breastfeeding T-shirts and new website

Sorry i have been a bit slack on my blog postings, mainly because so much has been going on both with the business and in my home life it;s been hard to keep up!

On the work front i am super excited to say our new shirts have arrived, they are really nice ( i know you would think i would say this but they are ) i had them delivered with no hassle (all other previous deliveries had involved a lot of drama in one form or another , which had given me cold sweats every time i knew a delivery was on it;s way) i managed this one all on my own and now have biceps like arnie but all the shirts are here safely.

It’s true what they say that you need good people working around you, the kinda people who you know have got your back, and i am really lucky to have retained people like this and i;ve found new ones too that hopefully if they are as good as i think they will be cool for Mama FeelsGood.  It sucks big time to be let down by people who you had previously trusted so i’ve just had a taste of this and it wasn’t nice but i’ve put this down as a learning experience and changed certain aspects of the business ie don;t get an accountant that doesn’t do anything!

I’ve also been to Germany this Spetember to the mooooosive trade show for nursery products and i’ve found some really cool designers and baby changing bags etc which are super cool and if things work out ok i’d like to sell on-line.

We have our new website waiting in the wings, i’ve just got to learn how to use it! This my take some time ha ha

We also have our photoshoot on saturday which will be in the centre of bristol so fingers crossed for the good weather.

Things are changing and our new stock will be here soon. woo hoo