Breastfeeding Tops

How do our breastfeeding tops work – video

Hey ladies, i finally got around to doing a short video on how our breastfeeding tops work, it’s only taken me like a year ! Sorry about that.

I personally always find music on videos a bit in your face so i haven’t added any, and as the clip is so short i haven’t added a voice over either, so i’ve saved you from my west country drawl!

The video is pretty self explanatory so don;t think you really need a voice over anyway!

let me know what you think

Breastfeeding Tops, Mama Feelsgood website

24th October – New website and new stock

Ok so it has been agreed on moday the 24th of october we are going live with our new website and new range of breastfeeding tops.

I have so much to learn before we go live ie how the admin works on our new site so i think its going to be a steep learning curve!

I’m up for the challenge though and think there will be lots of late nights involved. Our product shot photos have come out really well and i have lots of things planned for them, so make sure you check out our website .

Just a little heads up we are putting on sale lots of our old style shirts and these will either be removed when the new website is up or the price will be raised, so grab some now while you have the chance 🙂

Take care guys, Liz